Outfits – wild or boring poses

What do you like when looking at outfit photos? Does the pose make you want to know more about the person? Does the pose put you off from the person? And if you take your own outfit photos do some poses work better than others? Do you have a default pose? Are you afraid of posing so you tend to pose the same way or don’t care?

I spent some time today browsing IG accounts and those focused on outfits ranged from the person standing in the same spot every time (as I tend to do) to making drastic, wide movements. I’ll admit, I’m drawn to the drastic, wide movements but am afraid to do so myself. I’ve tried a few photos like that, but then find I have a harder time cropping my face out when I need to or missing part of the outfit in the crop as a result and then discard the “weirdly” posed photo and go back to my usual.

Last year I made a post eluding to something that would help me, but it never happened. I was about to buy a mask – an anime themed mask from a very specific character that I really liked. Recently browsing one of my wishlists brought me back to the mask and I am still tempted by it. I don’t have huge issues with showing my face on my blog, but I simply prefer not to. It’s more about my own comfort level when I see the photos of myself. I feel like I’m better able to objectively scrutinize the outfit on me, figuring out why it worked  – or didn’t  –  when I’m not seeing my face stare back at me. I’ll also admit I’m in a bit of denial at being an aging woman over 40. I know I look younger than my age, but I like leaving it at that and not reminding myself that I am older than I look and starting to see the signs, even if others don’t. It is absolutely a vain personal issue.

Outfits worn this week. It was a short week in the office because of my business trip, which had me so physically and mentally exhausted I slept for nearly 12 hours when I was finally home and in total slug mode all day Saturday:

blue and blackcomplimentedgrey-iege


9 thoughts on “Outfits – wild or boring poses”

  1. Interesting question. Thought about it before too. To each their own but I do prefer consistent non-dramatic poses mainly because as a reader I’m focused on the clothes primarily and don’t want too much distraction from that. My pet peeve are modeled out and about photos that can feel so contrived and inauthentic.


    1. That’s a pet peeve of mine too. While I know that bloggers who do have the modeled out photos or have their own personal photographers and they strive to make a living off their blogs, I still find it somewhat inauthentic and don’t take them as seriously as I would someone taking a cell phone selfie.


  2. I never gave a lot of thought to posing. I just stand in front of the mirror straight facing it or sometimes turning a bit to the side if I want to show off some long back hem or other detail like that. I want to have the whole body in the picture, shoes and all, includig the head, otherwise I feel I look just short and wide. If i have pockets on me, one of my hands will surely be in the pocket, although I often need both hands to hold the camera. More artistic captures are really beautiful I think, and close-ups of fabrics and textures are very attractive too. it is just too much for me sometimes and I want the outfit to show plain and simple, so I can have a record of things I enjoyed wearing. for example, yesterday I did one of those best 9 of 2018 things on Instagram and one of the pictures reminded me of a pair of pants I hadn’t worn yet this winter, although I like them a lot. So now I’ve been wearing those for two days in a row 😊


    1. While I do love a good funky pose I tend to take the more simple ones seriously. I can tell that the person wants to be straight-forward with the viewers and themselves with what they are wearing. It’s always interesting to go back to old OOTD photos and remind yourself of something you loved to wear but haven’t in a while. When that happens it makes me wonder why I stopped wearing the item (unless it truly is something seasonal).


  3. I was looking for an older post last time I was reading and I saw a post where your whole head was in the photo and it made me wonder if you cropped for anonymity or vanity reasons. When I crop (rarely), it’s absolutely for vanity reasons. I’m tired and I look tired! I usually pose in sort of the same types of boring positions, and usually with a closed-teeth smile and something looking at the mysterious blogging great-beyond (what’s over there, out of shot? ha). I am less critical of what my face is doing if I make only a handful of faces. I’m not vain enough to need to look especially pretty or perfect or edited, and most of my blogging is to catalog outfits or experiences or spending, so I don’t worry about followers or branding or whatever, and that offers tremendous freedom. (As does NFF, as my friend dubbed it — “no effs 40”). I am struggling with vanity and aging, too, mostly as it manifests in extra postpartum weight and just looking drab and exhausted so often. And I am working on my style in this time and place in my life, and working through a LOT of (re-)accumulated excess over the years in my closet, and struggling to balance enough/good enough/not holding onto things that don’t work. Agree that I like that gray top! And if those are your Fryes in the last photo, the polishing did a lot of good! They look new.

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    1. Hahaha, your description of your posing cracked me up. I’m not really writing the blog for much other than cataloging outfits like you said.
      The boots in the last photo are actually by Coach. They are my knee-high ones and the pant legs are so wide they fit over the boots entirely. My Frye’s still need more polishing, which I was supposed to do this past weekend, but I had business trip hangover (all day in an airport, ugh…) so I forgot until now!


  4. Love the grey long sleeved top. Looks very cosy. I think your posts are great as I can see the full outfit, including shoes, and you’re stood up straight. It annoys me when i see an OOTH and theyre sat down. That way i cant see the length of the top or the proper cut of the trousers. I have an hour Glass figure, but unless I have a belt on or I am pulled in at the waist I feel as though I look a little blocky. I prefer to have a hand on my hips to slow off to curves. I never have dramatic poses as it wouldn’t feel very natural to me. But each time their own x


    1. I don’t mind seeing photos of people sitting or doing other things for OOTDs because it may give a better idea of how the fabric moves, which I find interesting. I can see how body shape may make some people want to pose in different ways though. I never considered the hand on hip for showing off curves until now. I just never know what to do with my hands in general so I usually stuff the one not holding the camera remote in my pocket.

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