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Resolutions or goals?


Everlane sweater – Yohji Yamamoto coat – Pas de Calais pant – Dries Van Noten shoes – Baggu crossbody purse

I was up early for a hair appointment and used my new purse for the first time. I got this Baggu purse on online on Black Friday at a local (it’s in the city) zakka shop. I could’ve gotten it in black and thought about it, but I’m glad I went with the “rust” color instead. It’s punchy and bright and definitely makes a statement in contrast to the rest of my outfit. It even makes the lighter brown parts of the ombre Dries shoes pop a bit.

I added a photo of the back to show how far up the slit goes on the Yohji coat. I’ve been wearing it nonstop. After my haircut, I grabbed the coat again to run more errands and Z, who was still padding around in his PJs, said: What is going on with that coat? You’ve got… flappy panels. Yep! And they make moving around in this coat so easy!

I did change out of this outfit later to do yard work. I put on my heavy fleece sweatshirt, jeans and the Blundies again because the yard is a bit of a mud pit due to all the rainy weather we’ve had. I trimmed back all the overgrown plants and raked all the leaves out of the flower beds. By the time I was done, the Blundies were covered in mud, but it’ll be much easier to wash those off than sneakers or my hiking shoes, which tend to be my go-to for heavy duty stuff. I’m glad I have these boots now for doing the heavy stuff and I can save my hiking shoes from getting too beat up.

Recently I changed up the design of the blog and while I was fixing up some category tags I read older posts. The realization that I am in a state of 100% depression was blatantly obvious. I know I’ve always been on the snarky, pessimistic side, but wow – I seemed like a peppy cheerleader a year ago compared to now.  My dad’s death and the situation with my mom have really taken a toll on me emotionally and that truth was glaring back at me in my own words. I know it’ll all come to a close of some sort  – good or bad – soon, but I wondered what could I do now?

I had the night to myself – Z was out with a friend – and I sat on the sofa, wrapped up in a blanket with Yuki curled up next to me. I opened my iPad and went down a blog rabbit hole, checking other blogrolls, reading up on blogs I used to read to see if I could still stomach them ( usually not if it was a fashion influencer blog about sustainability and minimalism). Erin Boyle’s Reading My Tea Leaves was always a blog I never quite got into. It was hit or miss with me because while I understood her style of minimalism in her tiny apartment, I couldn’t relate on many levels. However, she’s been really nailing it lately with links to sites about diversity, feminism, racism, and how to make change and why. Some of it is difficult reading, but it made me more aware and that is a good thing.

Her “My Week in Objects” series is what I mostly read it for and ended up reading through several months’ worth of posts. Those posts, combined with something Neela from To Universe With Love mentioned lately about how there were no sites that celebrated the aging of clothes planted little seeds of ideas in my head. Considering I plan on doing a shopping ban of sorts, I thought of what else I could write on this blog because posting the same clothes over and over will not only bore the readers but me as well (I tend to do that already and have felt some burn-out, but it could also be due to the season since cold weather makes us all huddle in our shells and want to hide). So, I’m going to write a few ideas/ changes that have been swirling in my head lately:

  • Possibly go back to doing weekly outfit photos or just post a couple of the better outfits I’ve worn over a period of time- I’m no longer going to post what items I wore from whom because they will all be repeats anyway. If anyone ever wants to know, just ask because I will respond. I have no qualms with letting anyone know where I got something or what brand.
  • Write a “Thank You” series – This will probably be similar to Erin’s Week in Objects, but I’m not sure. There are items of clothes that rarely get seen but I wear them regularly because they are the clothes I wear around the house. The idea is not just restricted to clothes. I could be thanking any thing (or idea/event/etc) for whatever reason. I figured giving myself something to be thankful for that I regularly use (or not) may be a better way to appreciate and understand what I have and use versus going on some crazy KonMari purging binge like I did last time. Also, it’s something positive, which is what I need more than anything else.
  • State of the Plant  series – I am trying to take better care of my plants. I did a lot of work propagating several cacti in order to save them this weekend. Maybe writing more (and reading more – links please!) about taking care of plants will make me better at  actually doing it. Who knows, I might get the “green thumb” back I had back in college in Oklahoma when I was always known as the “plant mom”.

I may start these projects sooner than later. I know new year’s is coming and many mark it on calendars with notes: Will Do This Then! I’m sorta the opposite. Whenever I have an idea I am interested or excited about I need to start it ASAP or my tendency towards laziness, complacency and boredom will come back and bite me hard before I ever start. I’ve even been rearranging my categories in preparation, so I must be serious about this. I am not always sure with myself.

I think starting with those three should be more than enough. Now to see if I can follow through with them.



11 thoughts on “Resolutions or goals?”

  1. Erin is a lovely person. Her activism has been really inspiring. I once asked her a very uncomfortable question ‘ did you consider having one less child since that is one of the most environmentally friendly thing to do’. It’s a question that makes mothers cringe and get furious. Her readers tried to bite my head off in the comment section. She answered it with such poise and dignity that I like her even more.

    Those shoes ! Those shoes. How do you keep the ombre after polishes ? I polish my oxfords and they haven’t looked the same. Perhaps I should take them to a cobbler but I dont want to spend the extra time and money by delegating my humble chores. How do you do it ?


    1. I haven’t properly polished them yet since I got them not too long ago. I’m a little afraid the ombré effect will lessen when I do, bu it won’t know until then.


    1. Thank you. Even though the sweater and pant by themselves don’t seem all that great I will say seeing the whole outfit like this puts a new perspective on it. It almost makes me want to wear coats more in photos, but that would get old quickly since I only wear the same two or three.


  2. I really love that bag! Such a great color.

    Thank you for pointing me to Erin’s posts. I’m always really happy to see people with a platform talk about diversity and inclusion. It’s such an important topic, and the more people who are out there writing and speaking about it thoughtfully, the better. It’s a very tough thing to talk about, I struggle with it myself, as a minority woman with a lot of privileges (and who comes from a community that may have some work to do of its own when it comes to antiracism).


    1. Thanks, I’m really glad I got this color as well.
      Erin’s posts are great. She’s always got really good links to resources and info in that way and I find myself checking her site more often now.


  3. If you discover any decent blogs, do tell! I’ve quit most and sometimes miss having mindless internet scrolling like now, when I’m sick and eyes are too tired to read.
    In that vein, https://classiq.me/
    I’m enjoying this one. If you scroll to the bottoms of her page she does have sections on style and style in film.

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