Not in best interests


Vince turtleneck – Yohji Yamamoto shirt – Grana jeans – Blundstones

After my failed excursion to DSW for snow boots a couple weeks ago I remembered I had a type of boot in my Pinterest list that might work. At first, I thought of getting rain boots and the snow boots, but why not get boots that cover both? The leather on Blundies is oiled and while they aren’t as warm as UGGs or other dedicated snow boots, there’s enough room in them for me to wear my thick woolen socks and if I’m moving around I’m fine. So far so good with them. The footbed is comfortable although the upper leather is still pretty stiff, but I’m sure it’ll soften up with more wear.

Friday I got confirmation: I’m going on a client trip next week. I wasn’t really interested in it because I’ve got mom’s sentencing Dec 19th and that’s been the only thing on my mind. Not to mention when I’m not at work I’ve got lots of emails and things to address regarding my dad’s estate. Almost every other night has been news about something going on with mom’s sentencing and the judge, or me talking to Vanguard reps or emailing the estate attorney, etc…

My boss thought I’d like a change of pace. Um…. no. This is just adding more stress to my plate and if he really thought this trip would be a welcome respite, then he’s learned absolutely NOTHING about me over the past year. Z thinks there’s still money in the budget so my boss is taking advantage of it while he can, which I’m leaning towards being true. That’s still not putting my best interests at heart like he says. Whatever. I know it’s something I need to do, but the timing of it couldn’t be worse. I’m not opposed to what I have to do for the visit, I just really don’t want to do it right now and I’m still baffled why my boss suddenly pulled this out of his ass to throw on me. Part of me thinks that’s just how he operates and doesn’t really think twice how it may affect others. He’s used to getting up and leaving at a moment’s notice because hey! why not! he’s not seen x and y and z clients in 3 months! OMG!!!! Need to get the face time in STAT! He’s rarely in the office for a solid month. Usually three weeks is pushing it with him and he’s got to go somewhere – anywhere it seems.


On a completely different note. The above photo was dinner: pork with shallot/fig/balsamic reduction sauce, sautéed green beans and potatoes. Z cooks a lot, which I am extremely grateful for – especially now. This recipe, while it looks fancy, doesn’t take that long at all and it’s one we got from Hello Fresh. Even though we don’t use the service, the recipes we got during the two freebie sample dinners we tried were good enough to keep. I need to look on their website and get more ideas because if more of them are as easy as this, then they’ll be good additions to rotate in our dinner schedule.



1 thought on “Not in best interests”

  1. Many people are unable to empathize and honestly believe that if they enjoy something, you would enjoy it too, which obviously often is not the case at all.
    Your boots look great!


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