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Reality checks of the fashion and financial kind

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Land’s End cardigan – Vince top – Y’s pant – Nisolo shoes

The other day I looked at a fashion blog I’d not checked on in a long time. The blogger has a large following and everything about her site is perfectly curated for being the most picture-perfect eye candy site trendy women could ever want for. The color palette of the site is soothing, her clothes are soft and the tones and hues all match or blend together perfectly. She is beautiful with token long looking limbs and hair. Everything about her, her site,  and her instagram remind me of fabric colored by steeping tea bags in that calming, neutral sort of way. It’s a soft neutral that’s warm and soothing and the text in her entries has the sing-song, candy-coated advertising sugar-pill happiness that everyone loves to hear – even whens she puts her serious voice on and “gets real” with her readers.* And while feeling numbed by this fluffy cloud of perfect eye candy I started to take note of her clothes and got interested in certain pieces she was wearing, which she definitely linked to because sponsors. The photography was done in a way to show the best qualities of what she was wearing, which was that stylized “don’t really care, but I’m not letting people know how long this photo shoot took” way of casual slouchiness that can only be accomplished by spending at least half an hour fussing with the lighting, clothing, body angling and camera settings.

I found myself leaning in more to look at the details and then drink the kool-aid. The click-bait worked and there I was shopping for the same item of clothing she had. She made it look perfectly easy to get and wear and I didn’t have anything like that in my closet even though it’s clearly something that should be a staple, right? How much is the item? Almost $200? Pshaw! That’s practically free compared to x, y and z designers…. *saves item to pinterest/wishlist/etc*

The following day I got up and went to work and looked at the item again on my phone. Reality started to settle in and I shook my head, thinking: wait, I don’t even like that color! WTF? And I just spent x amount of money on other things recently so I really shouldn’t be spending money on this stuff. Plus, I have other clothes coming first so I should wait and see if those work out first. I also need to check on my refunds at these other places….

Later on in the day I woke up further and realized I don’t want to take that red pill. I’m not going to fall for that because it looks perfect. Too perfect. It also made me scrunch up my brow when this blogger mentioned her capsule wardrobe and minimalism…. DUH! Keywords! *smacks self in the forehead*

The nail in the coffin and the reason why I’ll most likely never look at that blog again: I don’t want to look that perfect or try to mimic that kind of look/perfection. I know she wouldn’t think it’s perfect and it’s harsh of me to call it that, but ultimately that’s the end result of all the stylization in everything from her person to her clothes to her home to her instagram to even the look on her face in the photos.

That’s her and that’s fine. It works for her and I’ll admit: it looks great. It’s beautiful, it’s safe, it’s easy to copy (if one wanted to) and even makes it capable for one to piggy-back off her success to a blog of similar value that could easily rise in the ranks with sponsors for free clothing and blog monetization. Her site is basically a template. She might consider that quite the insult, but let’s call spades here….

And then the real REAL reality check came when Z told me about the plumber coming because we have  leaking cast iron sewer pipes that are 65 years old. On top of that I got an email with an invoice from the estate attorney for my dad. Yeah….. no spending for quite some time….

*My inner goth was vomiting and screaming: how can so many of you sheep flock to that!) 

4 thoughts on “Reality checks of the fashion and financial kind”

  1. I don’t even need photographs that well-staged or well-edited to convince me to desperately want something, haha. Most recently, during Black Friday, I had to remind myself again that I really don’t want and won’t use an APC half-moon bag, I’ve sent the exact one back after getting a good discount before, the strap is the wrong length, and it’s not a super-functional design for me because it starts out so stiff… But it looks so pretty on random people on Instagram and in photos on Pinterest that I forget all the practical reasons to never think about it again.)

    I’ve definitely found myself unable to go back to some blogs I used to love because they’ve become too sleek and commercial, both in their photography and writing style. (In many cases, they start losing credibility with product recommendations if it becomes very clear they only feature the same few retailers that sponsor them all the time, even though that retailer isn’t really somewhere they’d shop.) I also do raise my eyebrows about bloggers that pretty clearly shop a lot, get frequent shipments of free items, and showcase all those new items often, but also call themselves “minimalist”. (I’ve never loved the “capsule wardrobe” thing from anyone, even from sincere adherents to the lifestyle, it just seems like an arbitrary and impractical exercise to me, but well, I myself am an awful minimalist and my be ready to just admit that my “journey” i done, so I’m not a great person to ask about these things.) That approach to minimalist fashion blogging is just so different from how the people who first inspired me approached things (Lin at Out of the Bag is my only pre-2014 original influence who still posts, I think) that I may be a bit over the entire genre now.

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    1. I’ve been over the genre for a while now. I never really touted my own site as a minimalist blog – I simply went through the phase that most did at the time KonMari-ing became so popular. I really miss blogs just being blogs and people sharing their lives in general.


  2. Love this! I had a similar experience recently regarding a pair of boots. I had them in my cart and left the page to look at something else and realized I’m not a sock boot kind of woman, I’m more a refined combat boot wearing person. How easy it is to get sucked into the perfectly manufactured images, to insert oneself in the frame as if I could fit into any being other than myself!

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