Warm or cold palette?

green brown black

Acne Studios sweater – Won Hundred pant – Coach boots

Last night I pulled out a box in the closet on the top shelf near the attic hatch. It’s not an easy shelf to reach and it’s a short shelf, but it perfectly fits my Coach boot box that contained these boots, which I’ve not worn in two years.

The boots come up almost to my knees and I used to wear them with skinny jeans or skirts. I don’t know why I suddenly remembered these boots, but I decided to bring them out again and give them more wear. I was actually surprised by how well made they are and the water stains I was certain would be on the sides were actually not there at all. I used to have a bad habit of wearing either pair of my Coach boots (I have black ones as well) in rainy weather and not bother cleaning them or polishing or weather-proofing them at all.

Also, they have gotten more comfortable with age. I remember wearing these boots at a company holiday party and standing for an hour in a cold parking lot with a coworker talking about all sorts of things. It was one of those situations where you connect on something and keep talking and before you know it you’ve been standing there for an hour when it only felt like ten minutes. I remember thinking at the end of our talk: I’m still standing in these boots and they are really comfortable and aren’t bothering my feet or my legs and even standing for an hour like this hasn’t hurt my back! I’m guessing wearing them more this winter will break them in further.

The outfit photo does show me though how different these boots are from my usual color palette. I most lean towards cool tones and the boots stand out because they are very warm in comparison. I wonder if my tastes will shift to wearing more warmer toned hues or will I find that happy medium on how to mix my usual cool hues with a few pops of warm, like in this outfit.

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