Too cold to care season

black and beige

Yohji Yamamoto top and pant – Land’s End cardigan – Frye Carly Chukkas

‘Tis the season for not caring what I wear anymore. While I’m still putting together appropriate outfits, something about them feels like I’m not trying or simply don’t care. While not trying and still looking put together is a nice talent to develop with one’s wardrobe I have a feeling mine more or less has to do with one question: what is warm and easy?

East coast winters are no joke. I’m convinced waking up in a cold bedroom while under warm covers, hearing the alarm clock beckoning me to get up and get my shit together is the perfect storm of conditions to make a serial killer out of almost anyone. Getting up and dressed under such conditions – while totally being a 1st World Snowflake Problem Department complaint – takes a lot more mental acrobatics than I’d like to admit. There may be many more days like this and a uniform may emerge soon.


2 thoughts on “Too cold to care season”

  1. One of the worst things about east coast winters is getting dressed in the morning. It’s so painful to get out of bed when it’s freezing cold. And then it takes for ever to put on enough layers. A uniform would certainly help.


    1. Yes. Knowing I can throw on a sweater and pants quickly helps. In fact, that’s why I ordered more sweaters recently. I find that I need to keep my shoulders/torso covered sooner than my legs. Although warm ankles are a must as well.


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