Working out in winter.



Yohji Yamamoto shirt – Girlfriend Collective leggings – Dries Van Noten shoes

We’ve had some really cold weather lately so even though it’s technically not winter – it feels like it. In fact, we’ve already had snow (last week). When it’s cold, it’s always harder to motivate myself to exercise. Most of my work clothes are easily warm and comfortable enough for me to wear into the evening until I take my nightly shower before bed. However, I am trying to keep up my workout routine for my sanity (it really helps on the emotional front) and I developed a “trick” last winter and am doing it again to keep myself in check. On most days I will wear some part of my workout outfit under my work outfit. In today’s case, I literally only had to take off the Yohji shirt (I had the Everlane one on underneath for warmth and I wore my workout bra all day – most of mine are comfortable enough for that) and change my shoes. Like so…


I’ll admit – some days this doesn’t work and even though I’m all geared up I simply can’t muster up the strength to force myself down one flight of stairs to the cold basement to work out. *Insert single, tiny violin solo for First World Problems and emo whining here* Most days it does work though and lately because I know it’s helping me emotionally, I’m all in.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving for those in the US. We are going low-key this year and doing basic get together at the in-laws.

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