Forgetting days


Yesstyle linen top – Yohji Yamamoto pant – Land’s End cardigan – Frye Carly Chukkas

I forgot I took my camera to work and had to adjust the white balance for taking photos in the shop. When I got home I hadn’t put my setting back so the lighting for this photo isn’t the best.

I wasn’t feeling all that great and needed to wear safe outfits, so I went with an old standby and threw on the cardigan for extra warmth. I then realized I kinda wanted another cardigan to wear at work and remembered last year how I didn’t always like how this one went with outfits I wore. This doesn’t look bad, but I think a cooler toned cardigan would’ve looked nicer.

Sometimes the work week and weekends move by so fast I forget what happened when.

2 thoughts on “Forgetting days”

  1. I like this outfit a lot! Oatmeal/tan/camel and related colors are tough for me: I like them and want to incorporate them into my outfits more (I already have a good number of pieces from that color family), but slight variations in the shade can make a big difference in whether the color suits me. A lot of my pieces probably aren’t an ideal shade for my skin tone, I don’t love the color on me, but if the piece is otherwise very functional and comfortable, I’ll still wear it.

    I definitely know what you mean about weeks going by so fast that, by Thursday or Friday, it’s sometimes hard to remember what I was doing on Monday or Tuesday, much less what happened last week. (This is particularly true if, er, clients or client-related situations have been unusually fussy.)

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    1. I’m the same way with color. I don’t think black does much for my complexion, but I have a lot of comfortable black clothes so I wear them. Neutral colors like tan/camel are more difficult for me than black I think and you’re right – it’s all about finding the right shade, if possible.
      Having a fussy client week (as we’ve had a LOT of lately) makes weeks blend together and feel as if there’s no end to them, but then I can never remember any single day of it. I only know it’s one huge mess I want to be over with asap.


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