Being still


Yohji Yamamoto sweater – Grana tank top – Uniqlo pant – Fog Linen house slippers

I’m posting this weekend photo simply because Michelle’s comment about this sweater being special and only for lounging around proved to be exactly true. I’ve been fighting off the plague making the office rounds and for the past week I’ve had a slightly sore throat. I’ll start off the day fine, but within a couple hours my throat starts up and then some days I’ll get a few body chills or aches, but nothing too bad to incapacitate me or make me want to leave work. Over the weekend I started to feel worse and stayed in this room – my study – all day drinking lots of hot tea and playing easy, mindless video games. This sweater definitely helped make me aware of not needing to move too much and force me to be still so I can recover. It’s also extremely warm for being so lightweight.

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