The great flood


Helmut Lang silk shirt – Y’s pant – Jil Sander shoes

Of course the one day I should wear a sweater I wear a silk shirt and freeze instead.

I got to the office and went to put my lunch in the fridge back in the kitchen and nearly stepped in an inch of water. What? Apparently one of the pumps in part of our warehouse broke and sprayed pressurized water for 12 hours on Sunday, flooding everything. The water had started creeping into the business office area by Monday morning and definitely wet areas that were uneven and lower like the kitchen, near the bathrooms, and the IT room. Everyone on the shop floor was sent home. However, all of us business office people ended up having to stay the entire day and work. Umm…. ok. Not that there’s a whole hell of a lot we could do since, you know, we didn’t run production that day at all. Maintenance was also there all day directing the restoration company that came to clean up over an inch of water everywhere.

Total bust of a work day that kinda made me pissed I had to stay for it. Most of us got caught up on things and made jokes about the company having natural disasters. Several years ago there was a fire on the shop floor and now we’ve had a flood. While many were getting biblical with what the next catastrophe would be (many said locusts) some of us were thinking more basic elements. We’ve had fire, water and next should be wind? So 38 months from now, which is the estimated disaster date, we’ll expect the next experience to be a tornado or hurricane blowing off the roof of the building.

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