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Apple picking

We went apple picking last Saturday. Our favorite orchard is always busy on the weekends in autumn due to their large variety of apples for picking. They have a schedule of what varieties will be ripe and when and what’s available to pick and to simply buy in the market. They update their site almost daily during the busy season.

grape vine

Grape vine growing on the trellis outside the front door area. The line was out the door for buying and they had extra stalls open on the back side to accommodate so many visitors.


I bought a half peck of pixie crunch apples.

pixie crunchcaramel

This caramel apple was my dessert that night. I ate the whole thing, which shocked Z. The apple inside was honeycrisp.

birdcreepy doll

We did some light cleaning and I broke out the autumn decorations. We have several birds we bought from Target that are seasonal. I have several for autumn and winter I like to put out around the house. I also love my creepy girl doll.

2 thoughts on “Apple picking”

  1. The creepy doll is sooo cute!
    I’ve never liked caramel apples. I find it a weird combination, although I love both caramel and apples on their own. Maybe I never tried it with a honeycrisp apple.


    1. I had a hard time picking which creepy doll to get because the shop had many, but I’m really happy with this one. Maybe I’ll get another one later.
      I’m not a huge caramel apple fan, but something about it that day sounded right so I snatched it up and really enjoyed it. The sweetness and crunch texture of the honey crisp definitely made it better than any other caramel apple I’ve had.


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