I’m really only 17


Rosen linen top – Won Hundred pant – Dries Van Noten shoes

At the end of my week in Florida I was anxious to get home. I wanted to see Z and get back to a normal life – anything to keep me from going bonkers and getting depressed and having chest pains from anxiety.

After a browse on Tumblr and text message from Z, I was excited and brought back to life by one thing: Animal Crossing for Switch. Yep, I’m secretly a little kid, jumping up and down in my head and screaming because my favorite game is getting another console version. It may not be released until next Christmas, but it will happen and I will start the count down to when I can get it in my paws. I’ve already started threatening to buy another Switch console because it will permanently live with my TV upstairs once that game is out.

Actually the Switch is currently being used with my TV instead of Z’s TV downstairs because I recently downloaded Stardew Valley. It’s another farm simulation game, similar to Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns I was obsessed with last winter. The mechanics are very similar in both games: you own a farm and must start growing crops to gain money so you can grow more crops and obtain animals and better supplies and a bigger home and better clothes and become more popular, etc… You can date the villagers and Stardew Valley actually allows for same sex relationships! SV is also a bit more “real” with how you get into arguments with other villagers, lose your social status and even die from creatures attacking you in the mines. There’s places to mine in Trio of Towns, but SV takes it a whole new level. The mine is 120 levels deep and basically a perpetual boss dungeon where you never get to fight a boss, but have to mercilessly deal with the minions attacking you all the time, which in my opinion is worse than fighting the boss. There’s also a witchy element in SV where mystical creatures befriend you and a wizard tells you how to deal with them among other things.

Playing games is an escape from the reality of all the shit happening around me, but I’m ok with that. I need something to keep me sane and if dating a 16-bit emo goth boy in a farm simulation game does the trick while fighting bats and zombies in a mine – I’ll take it.

2 thoughts on “I’m really only 17”

  1. I understand this so wel. I use anything I can to escape (TV, books) when I feel overwhelmed and knowing what helps you is very important. I am trying to get into games too, since we got a PS4 this summer. My husband got me some games I asked for, one fantasy, one horror, but haven’t even touched them yet. Maybe I need to take the PS4 to the bedroom where I can have peace.


    1. What games did you get? I’m always curious what others end up playing. I don’t stray too far out of my comfort zone and most of the ones I do play are really easy and relaxing in general. I think Zelda is the most difficult one I have.


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