Another reason I’m over jeans


Everlane sweater – Grana jeans – Adidas shoes.

I wore this outfit the day I got a frantic call from my mom in the middle of the afternoon a couple weeks ago. I knew it was about my dad. An hour after this was taken Z was driving me to the airport. My dad passed while I was waiting to board the flight. I was uncomfortable by then and tired of being in jeans. I haphazardly threw together clothes in a small bag to last me a week. I’m still not sure how I managed to fit them all.

When I got to Florida I immediately took off the jeans and haven’t worn them since. I don’t even look at them for wearing on casual Friday at work. I won’t say I’ll never wear jeans again, but I’ve no desire to wear the ones I have. The light pair I only wear when gardening now and they are covered in grass and dirt stains. They are a bit looser than the ones in the photo above. Maybe I need to look at wearing loose jeans. I don’t like the term “boyfriend” jeans. Something about marketing it that way so that it only applies to women sounds sexist. There’s no such thing as “girlfriend” jeans for men (that I know of) so why must women’s jeans be marketed based on something men own that’s supposedly covetable by women? It doesn’t make sense to me and I’ve always cringed at the style name. Just call them loose.

2 thoughts on “Another reason I’m over jeans”

  1. Having such a memory associated with tight-fitting jeans would put anyone off them for a lifetime, I think. But loose jeans are so much fun! I have a couple of pairs of men’s jeans (from the thrift store) in my closet that feel great on and look very cute also, I think. I also have a million black skinny jeans that I haven’t worn in the past year or two. Don’t know why I keep them. Sometimes they get worn under a knee-length dress, but that is rarely. Needs reassessment 😊


    1. Yeah, I actually saw some wide-leg jeans on TRR that looked really nice. I put them in my “likes” list, but not sure if I’m up for buying any jeans in general for a while.


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