Jeans annoy me.

Wednesday: 45 rpm top, Won Hundred pants, Jil Sander shoes. Bento came running and flopped in the sun spot while I was setting up for this photo. He was afraid I’d close the curtains and block out his sun spot.


The blue in the shoes (warm toned, kinda purple-ish) clashed with the blue in my shirt (cool toned). Oh well. It was amusing to me at the least.

Today there is no photo because I’m wearing a company polo shirt and Grana jeans with my Adidas runners. We had yet another outdoor company shindig and even though I wasn’t planning on running around much, I ended up doing ALL THE THINGS last minute in preparation.

I wore jeans because I couldn’t think of anything else to wear with the company top, which is a super bright blue and not something I normally wear. But now the day is over and I’m at home I’m noticing just how annoyed I am at wearing jeans. It’s not that they don’t fit right, I just don’t feel half as comfortable in them as I do all the other pants in my collection. I need jeans that fit more like baggy pants because the hip hugging in them makes the waist slide down a little and then they feel awkward. It’s kinda amazing how it’s taken me this long to realize just how much I fuss with jeans when I used to wear them religiously. Nowadays I can’t stand jeans and will avoid them at all costs unless I’m cleaning or doing yard work. I am glad I wore them today because I was running around for the company event and getting them very dirty, which seems to be a theme now with jeans for me. They are worn for getting dirty.

I keep thinking about shoes because my shoe collection is greatly lacking. I only have a few I rotate out and while they work (sorta), I really do need some that are a bit more polished and definitely before the cold weather hits.

One last thing about the joy of enjoying clothes: Gretchen said it all perfectly here. I love wearing clothes and buying clothes and I do think about clothes a lot as well. I don’t feel bad about it and I won’t be made to feel guilty for how I spend my money. I’m getting over the idea of wearing work clothes only at work because I love wearing most of them any time now. The only problem with wearing them at home though is I have to do a thorough lint-rolling to get off all the cat hair before putting them away.


  1. Have you tried men’s jeans? I have a very different body type, so maybe they won’t be as good for you as they are for me, but if you like them baggy, it’s worth trying. I am so happy with the men’s jeans in my closet and they are all I want to wear. I don’t have to fuss with them at all.
    I also suddenly worry about my shoes, which is weird because I never used to care about shoes much. But now I do for sure. I feel like they can give the tone of an outfit. A blogger I follow was saying how she felt very uncomfortable wearing a dress one day, and she thought it was because she didn’t like wearing it with sandals and would have preferred boots or other more masculine shoes. I get that. And something is lacking in my shoe wardrobe too, but I haven’t identified what yet. I wear a lot of long skirts and I don’t want that to look too girly, but at the same time I don’t know how much I like the combination of silk skirts with sneakers. I kind of default to Birkenstock sandals or clogs, but I’m not so sure about it. And yes, I love thinking about clothes too. It’s my happy place and I need it 😊

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    1. I have thought about mens jeans before, but then I do have the problem of length. Even short length mens jeans can look long on me because I’m not too tall (5’5″) so while I could get the nice baggy look, it might be ruined a bit by having too long of legs. A little is ok, but too much just looks awkward because of how much they bunch up and rolling up that much length doesn’t look any better.
      I definitely need to up my shoe game. I lived wearing a medical boot and one shoe for so long while I had tendinitis I completely forgot what it was like having to coordinate shoes. I hated not being able to while I wore the boot and now – I still can’t do it half as well as I’d like. I have a feeling a lot of my purchases the rest of this summer will be shoes.

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      1. Yeah, for me the length is not a problem: I have to shorten everything I buy every single time, because I’m 5’2″. I never bought a pair of pants that I didn’t have to rehem, so it’s second nature to me. Good luck with the shoe purchases! Can’t wait to see your choices.


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