What is the point of this week?


Monday: Yohji Yamamoto sleeveless top, Rachel Comey Lure pant, Lems shoes.

A coworker, who had a very Audrey Hepburn from Roman Holiday vibe with her outfit today, told me she loved mine. This surprised me, bit I was happy to take the compliment. I had on my turquoise cardigan on a lot because the AC was blasting, but I was fairly happy with this casual outfit. Since this week is just going to be a series of eye-rolling moments until Wednesday and then again Friday, I’m not bothering to dress overly office-friendly. Everyone kept saying today is Fake Thursday and tomorrow is Fake Friday due to the holiday. Then we start over again with Second Thursday and Real Friday.

I’m really glad I got this top. It’s all cotton, but it’s woven like the black YY turtleneck so it feels substantial and looks more elegant than just any old black cotton top. It almost has a sheen to it and feels a teensy bit like polyester, but it is full cotton. Whatever the weave is of this cotton to make shirts like this – I love it and want more of it. Taking a cue from Talia, I put on a large black belt, which I think really helps this outfit. Seeing myself in the photo, I kinda get a Rosie the Riveter feel and I’m digging it. I look more like I finished a shift at an auto shop than an office. And yet, the feel of the fabric makes my clothes feel too precious to dirty up in an auto shop.

This is all a long-winded way of saying I love the new top I got.

Other than that – it’s damn hot out. 100F here today with a heat index of 106. I really don’t want to exercise today, but I should. Plus, I just got my other pair of Adidas to try out, so I may as well put them through some paces on the treadmill.

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