Reminder: malls are soul sucking

Thursday I was rushing out the door and by some streak of genius I remembered I had PT and needed to take an outfit photo in the morning. Once I get into PT clothes (workout wear) it’s game over for any nice outfit photos because I become such a sweaty mess. I completely skipped last week’s photos because of that. So I took a quick phone photo in the long mirror in the basement. I wore all blue: denim top, navy pants, navy new (to me, but used from TRR) Jil Sander leather sneakers.


This is what happens when I get distracted from what I want to buy. What I wanted, was a black oxford style shoe. What I bought was a navy leather sneaker (they are actually really comfortable and I’ve worn them all weekend) and an Ann Demeulemeester black button down. I failed, but also won at the same time because I really like both the things I bought, so… it’s a tie?


Friday I wore the JS shoes again (and again on Saturday at a house warming party). They are keepers. My elephant top is so beat up and there are runs all over it when you see it up close, but for some reason I can’t quit this top and that is high praise for it. It’s perfect for warm weather and I always get compliments on it. This was definitely one of those instances where fast fashion wins. friday

Today I went to the mall in search of a bathing suit. I bought two from Target a few years ago and the bottoms of the bikini one had a sort of skirt on it. It was so shredded I was kinda embarrassed to wear it recently when Z and I went lake swimming. I got rid of it as soon as we got home. I wasn’t planning another bathing suit purchase but the father-in-law got a hot tub for Father’s Day and despite it being 90F outside they want us to come over today to go sit in it and have BBQ.

I searched Bloomingdales and Macys and nearly cried at the selection, let alone the fact that my size is mythical (size 4). Bloomingdales only had swim suits for woman who want all of their ass showing and Macys only had swimsuits with ten thousand tags on them saying: Tummy Control! Slimming! Look 10 lbs lighter with this slimming silhouette! (I shit you not on the last one – that was actually written on a tag on a whole rack of bathing suits.) Basically every Macy’s suit was hardcore spanx meant to squeeze the living soul out of anyone who dared wear them – not to mention there were none in my size.

The only time my size becomes available in bathing suits is when they go on sale for the upcoming season – in fucking March. We had 4 snow storms in March so buying a bathing suit wasn’t anywhere on my agenda. But the fact is there are such a limited amount of the small sizes made that even if I went shopping earlier in the season, I’d still be hard pressed to find it. I went into one of the smaller Land’s End shops and an SA tried to help me. I told her finding my size was the hardest part and when I mentioned it to her, she actually grimaced and said, “Well…. there might be one….. somewhere….” I was looking for a two piece, but I don’t like tankinis, which is all they had, so I left.

I checked Nordstrom Rack, but that was also a let down and walked across the whole mall back to where I parked. I did notice something though – half the shops were closed. The particular mall I was at is kinda known for being the “better” mall of a few in a 40 mile radius, but it was really depressing seeing all the junk on display and so many shops closed up. It felt a bit foreboding like –  The End is Nigh for this one. I noticed Macys is doing a Backstage department now that’s sorta like Nordstrom Rack, but for really cheap stuffs that don’t sell regularly at Macys? I don’t know. It just felt like I was walking into an inevitable thrift store of crap no one would want even if it was $1.00.

I did end up finding a bathing suit at a sporting goods store near the mall. The selection was minuscule but it helped me focus on finding something and they actually had my size. I paid a bit more than I would have liked, but the material seems good and will hopefully last longer than the Target swim suits.


8 thoughts on “Reminder: malls are soul sucking”

  1. When Athleta swimwear goes on sale, I try to nab pieces from them. Well made and they last through my summers of chlorine and salt water. ☺️


  2. Darn that it was so hard to find a swimsuit in your size and that fit some pretty standard criteria! I’m not able to easily buy swimwear off the rack most places (for bikinis, I definitely need an underwire and an extended bra-sizing size range), so I skip straight to buying online from specialty stores. I don’t end up with a lot of choices that way, I think they’re still stocking items identical to the ones I bought around three years ago, but I guess that makes it (relatively) easy for me when I need a new one!

    Fading malls are definitely really depressing and strange to see. The town I grew up in has one extremely successful upscale mall and two others that are much less successful/were sort of dying, but each of the fading malls has at least a few stores/tenants that have been very successful and seem to keep the mall going (a big dim sum restaurant/banquet hall, fancy gym, and movie theatre at one and a Target and Nordstrom Rack at the other) so they’re not completely dead.


    1. I think bathing suit shopping in general is a test of a person’s will to put up with buying crap that may fall apart in one season or may not fit by summer’s end.
      Oooh, I’d love a dim sum restaurant! I have to drive 45 minutes to the city now if I want any.
      The main anchor stores (Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom Rack..) are still at the mall so it’ll be ok for now, but almost everything in between… yikes. It’s really weird to see how many little shops are closed up and wonder when the anchor stores will be hit. I have a feeling Macys is on the decline in general.


  3. Those jil Sanders shoes look so good. Those subtle design details are nice. I recently bought a swimsuit and needed a no nonsense functional one and it was so hard to find. I finally found one on Uniqlo by princess tam tam.


    1. Ahh, I wish I’d looked at Uniqlo! There’s one half hour away from me. Oh well. I do like the one I got and hopefully it’ll hold up for a while since it is from a sports company (fingers crossed).


  4. I soooo dislike swimsuit shopping! Last year, for the first time, I found something I actually like and that was after deciding in my head what exactly I wanted and refusing to try on anything else. I hope I don’t need to buy a swimsuit again for a few good years.
    I like the shoes. A bit more unexpected than oxfords, while completely within your style.


    1. Yeah, the shoes are like oxfords-lite. Casual enough to wear with almost anything, but not quite fancy enough to wear with the more fancy of outfits.


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