Don’t panic- but I wore a dress.



Can we just stop and marvel at the fact that I wore a dress….




Ok, carrying on…

Tuesday: This is the YY pin-stripe dress part of the 3 piece suit I bought. During the morning hours I wore the jacket, but took it off once I got to work and was warm enough throughout the day that I didn’t need it. Not many took much notice of my suit from Monday, but oh-boy, they definitely took note of the dress. I was stopped by so many people I was shocked. Most of them had the same sort of comments: they liked the dress and it was weird/unique/strange. A coworker asked about the pocket on the back, which he noted was very impractical. The intern next to him said it was stylish and I said that’s just how the designer makes his clothes – weird. I mentioned a skirt I had I could wear three ways. When I mentioned I could technically wear the dress the other way around with the pocket in front, he looked at me with that: Does Not Compute expression. Mind you, he’s an engineer.

I loved wearing the dress, which really surprised me. It was incredibly easy to move around in and I could definitely see myself wearing it many more times. This shocked me more than anything else. It also helps that the dress is basically a zipped up bath towel in wool. The flap on the right side in the first photo is where the zipper is and I can literally zip the entire dress apart so it’s just one huge rectangle of fabric with straps buttoned on. It takes a little effort to get the straps straight when putting it on, but takes .02 seconds to take off. wednesday

Wednesday: nothing new to report here. Investors are gone, boss is at a conference and I’m panicking like crazy because prototypes for my client are running late and their lab with the parts is in two weeks. NO PRESSURE AT ALL!!!!

5 thoughts on “Don’t panic- but I wore a dress.”

  1. A dress! How wonderful! So unexpected, that shape paired with that fabric. And how lucky for those who can both sew and appreciate these sort of garments constructed with very simple lines. I think I would be able to make that dress. Badly, but still! You look great in it! And I think it would go really well with oxfords too, for a more masculine shoe.


  2. That dress is absolutely spectacular. I’ve seen so many apron dresses that look beautiful, but are a pain to wear or rely on constriction in weird places to keep their shape. What an amazing find, that YY suit.


    1. I was worried about the dress. I mostly bought the suit because of the pants and jacket, so I’m thrilled that the dress worked out so well. Especially since I’m mostly anti-dresses. This one definitely changed my mind.


  3. Holy shit, this dress is amazing. I think it takes the award for best thing I’ve ever seen a blogger wear, especially a non sponsored one. Such a high taste level here! Well done. I feel like clapping! haha. Love the straight lines on the straps and almost apron like design too.


    1. Hahah, thanks. I am glad I snatched it up as soon as I saw it. It seemed like the type of item to go fast. I love the straight lines of the dress too. It is very apron-ish looking. I kinda felt like I had the High School Art Teacher look going on.


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