I could have sworn I took a photo on Monday but I guess I forgot. I’m kinda shocked I didn’t take any photos of outfits until today. I know I didn’t yesterday because I changed into workout clothes at work before driving to PT. Monday though, it’s a blur.

A lot of things are blurring together now. Even though we’re not busy at work, I’m still Busy because I’m getting many more responsibilities loaded on me. It’s kinda strange how things work out that way. We have clients coming in to the office next week so I’ll be sure to clean up my new YY suit and break that out.

With regards to today’s outfit. It’s fine, but I really think nicer looking shoes would’ve worked better. I really need to find a nice oxford/brogue to wear with my outfits. I’d hoped the Nisolo shoe would fill that, but the style and cut of it (and size) just aren’t working out so I’m going to sell those along with many other items this weekend and now I’m on the hunt for better work shoes.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how the majority of my wardrobe revolves around work attire now. I also want to make that wardrobe work for me no matter what day of the week. I want work clothes to be real clothes I can wear any time, not just the clothes that come off immediately after work because they are uncomfortable. The only exception will be when I’m running regularly again. Then, no matter what, I’ll be throwing off work clothes to put on clothes to run in, so maybe it doesn’t make that much of a difference?


1 thought on “Incoming”

  1. I’ve been thinking about the related issue of the connection between my work wardrobe and my “real” wardrobe/the things I wear on the weekends. I generally insist that they’re quite separate, and a lot of the items really are for work only (certain shoes, suits of course because I don’t like them, blazers, most pencil skirts and slacks), though in the last few months, I’ve ended up with more items that genuinely work for both sides of my wardrobe and that I enjoy wearing (the J.Crew Factory sweater blazers, Grana silk pants, some of my dresses), so I’ve started thinking about the extent to which there is overlap.

    Also, if I’m in work clothes five days a week/71% of my time, I can’t really insist that those clothes “aren’t the real me” maybe, and I’m starting to feel more personal affinity with some of my work outfits as I find more workwear pieces I genuinely like. They tend to be pieces on the more casual side of the spectrum though!


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