A little run

I honestly did mean to post this week, but work has been all manner of WTF lately. One would think it would have been a great week because it was short due to the holiday, but in manufacturing it turns into, “HOLY SHIT WE ONLY HAVE FOUR DAYS TO GET X AMOUNT OF PRODUCT OUT!” On top of that, half of my day Thursday was spent taking a photographer from our marketing company around the whole building to do new company/website shots. So that entire afternoon was shot for me and I nearly cried when I looked at my email just before I left for the day.

I have a ton of things to talk about and to show, but I’ll have to break it all down into separate posts because I don’t want to make this one post The Longest Post Ever and I don’t have that kind of attention span to make it all that interesting.

Last Friday I left work midday so Z and I could head out on our mini vaca. We booked a house in the woods with a lake view almost 3 hours north of here. That area of PA has lots of waterfalls and lakes. We were the only car without a kayak and/or canoe on our vehicle driving up on the highway. The area was very pretty (and buggy) and we had a great long weekend getaway. I took a ton of photos of the waterfalls and hiking trails we went on. This post will just be photos for this week.

Friday night we ate dinner at a restaurant called the Waterwheel Cafe. It’s a cafe/ bar and the food was phenomenal. Because the mill itself is a historic site, there’s a self-guided tour people can take of the building.

Friday Mill

I bought some coffee from the cafe after dinner. I didn’t have any for the rental house. This photo was taken on the second floor of the mill tour. Z and I had the whole mill to ourselves because all other guests were in the bar watching the live band play.

last friday

This is technically what I wore to work that Friday and only changed into the sleeveless shirt (above) after we got to our rental. This is the back deck of the rental and behind me is the lake between the trees. I was probably swatting away bugs in this photo.


Saturday: This photo is post waterfall hiking tour and post swim in freshwater lake. I wore my bikini top instead of a bra because I knew I’d be sweating a lot from the hike and I knew we’d most likely go swimming later in the day.


Tuesday – Back to work.


Wednesday: Rainy and dark all day. I was banging my head against the wall with work stuff and managers not paying attention/ doing their jobs. The blue band on the table is my PT workout band the therapist gave me. PT this week was also insane. I was really sore after Tuesday’s session.


I technically had on my company pullover shirt all day but I didn’t want it photographed and I was being lazy. I wore my black sleeveless on underneath it all day and only took it off when I went to PT, which was brutal again and had me sweating up a storm.


Friday: My custom Rosen linen shirt arrived in the mail (along with a Yohji Yamamoto 3-piece suit I bought a few days after buying the shirt *ahem*). Both items fit wonderfully and confused the hell out of Z. Even my boss said Friday, “What is going on with that shirt? It’s got two collars!” Apparently my boss gets very confused when I wear jeans. I found out it’s because he’s used to seeing me wear weird clothes so when I wear something “normal” like jeans he’s thrown off. I’d like to say I don’t quite get it but I just laughed it off.

Anyway, the shirt is amazing and comfortable. I love the color, which is gray, but with a slight beigey-mauve tone to it. It’s very lightweight, but has the perfect weight to it for warmth in an air conditioned office. I am very glad I got this custom sized. I had the shoulders, sleeves, and general width brought in, but it’s still nicely loose on me. This might be my perfect summer office shirt. And truth be told, I’m wearing it again right now.

I wore my Nisolo Oliver oxfords this week (Wednesday) and realized I really should have bought them in a size 8.5 instead of 8. I am regularly a size 8, but I guess the fit of these shoes is best for wearing them without socks, which I don’t like. I also think the style isn’t overly flattering on me because the only time I have skinny looking ankles is when I’m laying down. My legs always swell when I’m sitting/standing and I get the slight cankle look no matter what. The style of the oxfords would look better on someone who has tiny ankles. Plus, whenever I wear them, the lump comes back on the back of my tendon. It’s because the backs dig in a little and even though it doesn’t bother my right leg, I am annoyed at how it does affect my left. I’m not sure if I should try taking them to a cobbler to have them stretched out or if I should just sell them. Any thoughts, friends?

Friday I wore my trusty old Frye oxfords. They have much higher of a heel but they are very comfortable. I’ve had them for several years and they are nicely broken in. I should take them to a cobbler as well for cleaning and to be fixed up a bit. I want them to last. Even though these raise my leg and shorten the tendon, which does causes my foot to be more plantar flexion (pointing down), I did not get a lump at all wearing them.

And now to the title of this post: I actually went for a run today. For me, that’s freaking BIG ASS AMAZING, OMG, SERIOUSLY, WHAT- I CAN DO THIS AGAIN, AMAZING news. I started out by going for a walk, thinking I’d just take the long route like I used to and haven’t done in two years. Halfway through, where the land evens out for a long section (our neighborhood is slightly hilly) I decided to run just a little and probably ended up running 3/4 of a mile. Zero calf/ tendon pain. The only discomfort I had was in front of my ankle. I forget if it’s a tendon or muscle (I think it’s muscle) but basically it near atrophied while I was in the boot for so long and so stretching it out has been a huge focus during PT. I have several stretches I need to do multiple times a day for it and while it is very gradually getting better, it’s going to take a long time before it’s back to normal. That area did cause me some trouble during the run but not flat out pain. I simply need to keep up with the strengthening/ stretching exercises.

My run was super hot because it’s insanely humid out today. I was drenched in sweat when I got home – something else I also miss about running – and Z immediately gave me the stink eye, “You went running, didn’t you! You need to be careful! Ask your PT therapist if you should be running first!” Yes, dear.

10 thoughts on “A little run”

  1. That Rosen shirt is super cool!

    It’s great to be able to get back to running. I’m not someone who naturally enjoys it, but over time and with a lot of dedication, I’ve been able to get into it. I really miss being able to run outdoors, but I’m too lazy to do so when I don’t live in the immediate vicinity of any parks that’d be a good place for it. Even just with the treadmill, I still get some stress relief in from it.

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  2. Glad to see you back 😁. The shirt looks great! I could imagine it with baggy pants too for an avant garde- crazy -look that would be sure to confuse every man you run into lol. I agree with Talia on the shoe issue. I had a pair of nisolos once too and resold it when the fit wasn’t right. One time I tried to stretch a leather pair of shoes at the cobbler but it didn’t work at all but it did cost me. Nisolos are easy to sell online if you can’t return.


    1. Yes, I very much want the wide Hakamas on Rosen, which I think would go wonderfully with the shirt – I think that’s how Gracia even modeled it on the site, but I don’t have it open right now. Wide leg pants would be fab with this shirt.
      I have a lot of things I want to try and sell online, but it’s a matter of taking the time and effort to photograph them all and list them, which just makes me go Uggghhhh.


      1. I had to google search Hakamas — didn’t know it was Japanese for loose pants. I have a pile of clothes and shoes that I need to post/sell. I usually do it all at once and package them all at once too so when it’s time to sell, I just apply the label and send. But then again, there’s a bunch of stuff that I haven’t been able to sell in more than one year and they need to be donated/recycled at this point. It’s a twice a year ordeal for me.


  3. I think this is my first time commenting here. I have been reading your blog for a while and it is one of my favorites. Hi!
    That shirt is a beautiful thing! And you wear it so well. Can’t wait to see the suit.
    It’s wonderful that you can go running again. I am not a runner, but I believe that runner’s high is real and that it gets addictive and is really an amazing source of endorphins, or serotonin, whatever. A good stress reliever, in any case. Can you tell that I am trying to psych myself up to give running a try?

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    1. Hi Lori, thank you for reading. I still need to get the suit cleaned, but I will wear it sometime soon. I bought it because I’ll need one soon for going to conferences for my job. I was kinda resigned on having to buy something a bit plain but as soon as this one popped up for sale on Rosen I knew I could pull it off for work. Its definitely still quirky (it’s YY of course it’s going to be), but restrained enough for wearing to mainstream business events.
      I’m really glad I can gradually get back into running as well. Not being able to for 2 years was really difficult because it’s not only for my physical health but mental as well. I would encourage anyone to run if they can. It doesn’t matter how slow you are or if you only run a little. It’s still great exercise. And don’t demean a slow pace as a “jog”. This is weird, but I really hate that word. One either walks or runs, even if you running pace is really slow, it’s still a run. Jogging, if you look at the etymology, refers to shaking or training a horse. It’s the horse training part that in the 1970s took off as a term used for people jogging as well. But it implies you don’t really improve, it’s more of a static form of exercise and if that’s the case, why do it? Exercise is meant to make people get stronger, not stay the same.


  4. I tried the Nisolo Oxford earlier this year and resold them. Just weren’t flattering and didn’t fit my style. I say don’t waste time or money trying to stretch them unless you really like them – that goes for any shoe. There’s no guarantee they’ll be able to stretch them enough or in a way that makes them wearable. Ask me how I know this, I dare you.

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    1. Hahaha, I trust your opinion on this one. I hadn’t thought about the stretching possibly not working though and that’s a good reason in itself for me to simply sell the shoes.


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