Outfits for this week thus far. Tomorrow’s photo may not be posted until I get back from vacation. Last Friday Z said after dinner, “Do you want to go somewhere?…..” which of course sounded strange and ominous, but I quickly picked up on the fact he’s burnt out a bit from work and needs a getaway stat. He’s been working the past three weeks solidly – even on weekends – because he’s been on call for projects with his clients (his company does work for non-profits, charities and political canvasing that mostly operates on the weekends).  We promptly found a house to rent way the hell out in the boondocks 3 hours north of here with next to no cellular service, a lot of trees and several lakes and waterfalls. There’s also a state park nearby with a freshwater lake that allows swimming. The next to zero cell service was key for him. He’s really sick of his phone constantly going off from clients being needy 24/7. He already booked tomorrow off his schedule, but I couldn’t so I managed to get my boss to give me a half day. The kids, aka cats in bottom photo, have already been packed away and sent off to the grandparent’s house (in-laws).

Work has been insanely busy this week. I’ve been training the new admin and dealing with clients suddenly all emailing last minute X, Y and Z things to get done before the long holiday weekend. We also had the first of three major grilling/bbq events the company hosts for all employees around the summer holidays. I thought it would be an easy week for me, but I’ve been working 9 hours days and *head*desking* over situations with clients and in-house production issues more than I’d like.

I also started PT this week on Tuesday and had another session today. It was eye-opening seeing how weak my ankle really is based on the strength and stretching tests done. Even though my copay is a joke ($50/session UGH), I am glad I’m going. While the exercises in themselves aren’t anything I couldn’t easily do at home, I don’t think I’d have the motivation to force myself to do them all otherwise.

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