Ninja Sprocket


It’s almost cold again today. I was glad I could wear my YY turtleneck again. This was one of those perfect outfit days. I was comfortable and not thinking about what I was wearing. These YY pants  and top have been two of the best purchases I’ve ever made. I always want to put them on.

I got my hair cut last night and the stylist did a great job. She really listened to what I wanted and even stopped to show me what she was doing and ask if I wanted anything changed. I was impressed. There’s a ridiculous amount of salons in this area and most of them are crap to mediocre. I may have finally found one I like.

Apparently my haircut and outfit really caught peoples’ attention at work.
Shop supervisor: Whoa, what’s with the ninja look?
Me: Ninja?
Him: You’re all in black!
Me: I almost always wear black.
Him: …. Actually now that you mention it, yeah you do, but you still look like a ninja today.

Later on my boss noticed.
Boss: Look at you! All decked out and with a new haircut. What’s up, Sprocket!
Me: Sprocket?
Boss: Yeah, from the SNL skit? You ever see the sprocket one?

He then showed me a video on his phone of the SNL skit with several guys with very short hair all dressed in black turtlenecks and black pants dancing while singing something about sprockets. He continued to call me Sprocket for the rest of the day.

The rest of the day was busy with new client work. We are late on their orders (of course!) so I had to send out an email to all the departments about wanting regular updates on the product lots. I knew the calm I’d been feeling in the office lately wasn’t quite right. I’ve been waiting for the next earthquake to shake me into action again and of course it’s here now with a new client and late work.

Z bought a VR headset, Odyssey by Samsung. It’s funny watching him walk around the room with the headset on and controllers in his hands, moving awkwardly. I did the same thing too when he let me wear it for a little bit. He got the updated Skyrim game that’s made for VR. That game was already gorgeous and now feeling inside the game itself gives it a whole new level of awesomeness.

6 thoughts on “Ninja Sprocket”

  1. VR has non-game experiences too, that I really enjoy! My faves are TiltBrush (painting in 3D) and Google Earth (just fly around and… look at stuff). And SuperHot is a shooter game (which I usually shy away from) that really leverages VR in a unique way. *geek alert* 😉


    1. Z did Google Earth stuff as well and said it was really nice. He’s gotten some mini games that are really fun. I’ve played a few of them. One from a game collection called The Lab is simply exploring a room that’s magical – in a Harry Potter kind of way. There’s all sorts of trinkets and devices and I “shrunk” myself to walk on a table and it felt so surreal actually feeling like I’m only 5 inches tall, walking on a table with potions and parchment paper and things. Z also has a video of me shooting arrows in another mini game where I had to defend a castle wall from stick figures that exploded into red balloons. It was all really cute and fun.


  2. It’s so hard to find a good stylist! The last time I really had a great one was when I was in college. (At the moment, I’m thinking of switching away from the one who did my last two cuts. His work is pretty good, but I’m just not feeling it and might as well see if I can find something better.)

    Though K is very into games, he hasn’t considered the VR thing. I wonder if he’ll get into it (probably only after it’s really taken off).


    1. Z got a really good deal on this one. He shopped around and did his research first to figure out if it would be worth it. He managed to get one for half price on eBay. There’s nothing wrong with it at all – the person was just getting something else. I have to admit, I really liked it. I’ve played a few games so far and it is fun. It made me think of the Wii and how everyone thought it would be so fun to play a game and be so active, but it ended up only really being fun for old people wanting to play golf or tennis or whatnot. Feeling like you are really in the game with VR makes that sort of active gaming feel much more entertaining and interactive.


  3. We are considering VR too, although probably not for a while. Maybe a year or two away from getting one. I saw a video demo-ing the Beat Saber game and really wanted it. It looks really fun and I can imagine getitng a good work out from it.


    1. So far, Z really likes it. He was playing some paint ball game with a bunch of 10 year olds online the other day and said it was really fun. He’s also got a game called The Lab that’s full of mini games in it to make the most of using VR. I played a little of it and Z took a video of me “shooting arrows” in one of the mini games. My arms were tired after that!


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