Today during lunch I sat outside with coworkers at the picnic table on the front lawn. I was sitting in the sun and moved to be in the shade after I ate. I could feel the back of my neck burning and my shoulders were starting to turn red. A coworker said that’s what I get for dressing like Cat Woman on a 90 degree day. It cracked me up she used that as a reference for my all black outfit. I was actually comfortable because this outfit is very light weight, but I could tell I would burn if I stayed in the direct sunlight for too long.

I left work early to go see the specialist about my ankle. He said my tendon seems in great shape and prescribed PT for 6 weeks. If my ankle wasn’t better after that, then he’d prescribe an MRI to see what’s going on. I’ve already scheduled my first appointment for next week since they were booked this week. My calf muscle is very tight from being in the boot for so long and he believes doing more stretching and strengthening will help my tendon.

I really want to be able to run again.

2 thoughts on “Catwoman”

  1. I really hope the PT helps your ankle. It’s been a long time. I bet your muscles are aching to run. I love the new clothes you’ve been posting.


    1. Thanks. I hope PT helps as well. Any time the lump shows up on my ankle I get thrown into a state of manic depression and freak out. I’m really upset over why it’s still there after all this time.
      I do want to run – more than anything. Running was always my depression/stress outlet and not having that outlet for so long really has taken a toll on me mentally and emotionally.
      I am enjoying my new clothes as well. I kinda feel like I’m buying clothes as a sort of therapy though for not being able to run. I think when I can run again, my shopping habits will change – or just go back to me buying ALL the running shoes.


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