Polyester loving non-minimalist

I’ve had a really bad couple of weeks. I’ve been physically ill to the point of being bed-ridden from sinusitis and then had an emotional and mental blow regarding and ongoing family matter. I am depressed and hate 99% of all human beings. I want nothing more than a mass genocide of all the stupid people on this planet, starting with the ones directly responsible for the state my family is in right now. Line them up at the firing range and make them apologize for their waste of space on this planet and use of human resources. My rage on this matter is white hot and I’ve been barely keeping it together.

I won’t go into details on the matter, but suffice to say the US justice system is broken and beyond repair. I have zero faith in anyone anymore. There is no power of the people when the people are mindless, worthless sheep. Those responsible for this mess are getting a lighter sentence than the innocent people deemed guilty – by bias – which isn’t allowed, but here we are. My family is still fighting, but this has crippled us to the point where my father said the only thing keeping him in this country are relatives. That means jack shit to anyone reading this, but to me – that’s fucking incredible and means he’s been emotionally and mentally destroyed by what’s happened. We all are.

I thought about deleting this blog because my depression has been so severe, but part of me knows I need some sort of outlet.


I wore the two new pairs of pants I got last week a lot. The first pair is from Won Hundred and is predominantly polyester. They are the cropped pants in the photos. I love them. They are comfortable and I wore them all weekend. They took the place of jeans for me. The material is soft and has a sheen so they look more charcoal grey than black. The weave is really nice and they don’t really feel like polyester pants at all. I am seriously glad I got them. The second pair are the Black Menace Pant by Rachel Comey and I’ve worn them twice. They are a viscose blend and feel more synthetic than the Won Hundred pant. They are long and shiny looking and seem like a much more stereotypical polyester pant than the cropped ones. They also wrinkle much more than expected, but I can live with that. I do like these pants as well (worn above/today). Both pairs fit really well into my wardrobe.

One thing I realized with the two latest pant additions was that I’m not afraid to buy synthetic materials if I know I’ll be using them a lot and already both pairs have seen repeated use. Both are wonderful warm weather pants to wear, which seems odd considering they are black and not cotton or linen. I prefer synthetics for warm weather because I feel they serve me better than cotton. A lot of people talk about how much better cotton “breathes”, well….. I think otherwise. In general, I’ve had much better experience with synthetics for breathability in clothing than cotton. Think about it – why are so many workout clothes made with tech wear, aka synthetics? Because it breathes and lets the air in while still providing a good barrier to the elements. I know that plenty of people will disagree with me and of course give the argument that cotton is better because of x, y, and z reasons, but I honestly don’t give two shits.

I know that synthetics work for me and I use them – regularly. Here’s a fun fact: I don’t own any cotton underwear. Ok, so that’s not entirely true – my underwear is maybe 3-5% cotton at most, but it is predominantly nylon with a little spanx. I tend to overheat a lot at night when I get warmed up and anything cotton on me ends up being a sweaty mess. That’s true for during the day too like if it’s really hot outside or if I’m super stressed about something and get the stress sweats. I stay dry much better in nylon than any other material.

Now that I have a ridiculous amount of pants, I feel like I can focus on tops because I’m realizing how much I’m lacking in that area. Shoes will probably be next, but I’ll get to that in a bit… I am now laughing at myself from how I was 3 years ago and KonMari’d my belongings. True, I got rid of things I didn’t like, but now I’m buying a lot more I love. I’m honing in more on what I want and yes, I want a lot of things. I’m nowhere near the minimalist I thought I would be and I’m ok with that. I like clothes. I like having more options than I need and I won’t feel bad about it.

The one time I wore jeans this weekend was to sit in the dirt in the yard and pull weeds. I thought about how jeans were made to be work pants originally and that’s what they were doing for me then – being clothes I wear when toiling and getting dirty. Now that I have a much better collection of pants to choose from, I can delegate jeans to the areas where they really prove their worth – yard work.

11 thoughts on “Polyester loving non-minimalist”

  1. Sorry to hear that things have been so hard for your and your family. As an attorney who has seen a decently wide range of legal settings and courts, it’s such a broken system in so many ways. There are just so many problems and injustices every day, at all levels.

    Definitely agreed that cotton is terrible for activewear! I’ll confess Im a bit of a stickler for natural fibers in many other things (tops and summer dresses especially) without always actually knowing if there’s some reason to think that’s better. The Won Hundred pants look great! I like a good cropped pant.


    1. It really baffles my mind how matters can be left into the hands of unqualified people or worse yet, people who don’t give a shit about the matter at all, yet given the power to judge it. Something about it feels wrong on a fundamental level. I understand how it’s supposed to work, but nowadays I feel we need to amend it because the system is failing – horribly – simply because no one can be bothered to care or think or do something that goes against the grain when it really may be the best thing to do. It’s always so safe and easy for people to admit they made mistakes in judgment after the fact, when it’s too late to rescind anything that could truly be helpful.

      I never work out in cotton clothes anymore. I used to run in cotton shirts, but always felt I was running with a wet towel draped around me by the time I was done. Tech wear is so much better for exercising.


  2. A lot of things aren’t working for too many people right now. I’m sorry that the frustration and injustice has been so pronounced for you and your family lately. It’s objectively exhausting and depressing, and living in it would be monumentally more difficult.

    I am not a minimalist either. I tried to capsule wardrobe again in April and made a good month. What I pulled from that is that yes, I do have a preferred palette to work within and no, I do not want to limit my options to just a few when several serve me well. Packing things into purgatory or donate piles when I suspect or know they don’t work? A+ and yes please. Packing things that work or giving things away that serve me well in the name of just having fewer things? I no longer have the patience or desire for that. So. From 33 to 50 to 75 and probably climbing.

    I hope you feel better and that things are better for your family soon.


    1. It’s rather amusing to me that my wardrobe is back to being just as big – if not bigger – than just before I went into a pseudo-minimalist mode and got rid of a lot of things. I won’t say that my time during that period was wasted or that I’ve backlashed, but rather I’ve realized I wasn’t wearing what I wanted back then. I won’t even acknowledge whether or not I need all the clothes I have now, but I do like them all, which means more to me than it did back then.
      Thanks for your kind words.


  3. Like Michelle, I’m sorry to hear of the multitude of gruesome you and your family are experiencing. I have missed you! I found you through Michelle and love reading your blog. I had gotten worried that something happened and, to learn that stuff *has* worries me all the more. And I love pants too!


    1. Thank you for reading. I really wasn’t expecting any comments because I know I can come off as being a bit extreme, so getting comments like these from you and Michelle really helps ground me and remind me that I need this sort of outlet.


  4. Sorry to hear about you being sick and the family matter. There are far too many stupid people out there and broken systems for sure. Thanks for hanging on to your blog. I enjoy your outfit posts. Your outfits are relevant and not cookie cutter. You have an important voice in this small outfit blogging community. Don’t give up!

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