Linen shirt


It’s casual Friday and I wore my new linen shirt and YY pants. I think I gave up on the idea of just wearing jeans on Fridays and just wear whatever I want whenever I want any day of the week now at work.

I did iron this shirt last night, but linen, so it’s very wrinkled now and that’s ok.

I ordered this from Knock Knock Linen on Etsy. I’ve had the shop in my favorites shopping list for a while now but never knew what to get. I decided an easy button down would be best and this is technically a “mens style” button down shirt. I am wearing a small, but it does look big on me. They have standardized measurements to choose from for their clothing, but one could very easily give exact measurements for a more personal fit. I think this is a little bigger than their standard size but I do like the bagginess of the shirt. I ordered the color Natural Flax in mid-weight linen. This feels just as substantial as my PdE pants. The linen is thick and soft and drapes wonderfully. The collar and cuffs have double buttons and the buttons themselves are very pretty as well. The linen of this shirt is not woven as finely as my PdE pants so there are a few bumps and tiny stray tufts here and there, but those add a nice bit of charm. The stitching is well done. This shirt bought as-is has a breast pocket but I asked them to make it without and they said it was no problem.

The only problem was the wait time. The description said 3-4 weeks. I ordered this shirt on March 10th and got it two days ago. After 5 and a half weeks I msged them to find out when it would ship and was informed they were behind schedule and would expedite the shipping by Fedex. The lack of communication on their part to tell me it was running late was a little annoying, but the shirt is very nice so I’m not too upset about it. Total cost for this with shipping was $136. Was it worth it? Right now I do think so.

I should mention one odd thing and that’s the shirt yoke seems like it was made to show more in the back than sit on top of the shoulders. I noticed that when I was ironing the shirt, but it hasn’t bothered me at all while wearing it.

Having another thick linen shirt makes me wonder if ES linen is thick and substantial like this KKL linen or my PdE linen. Can someone take a close-up photo and show me? I really want to see the texture of ES linen closely. In general, I’ve never really liked the look of ES tops because they seem too much like sacks with armholes. They also look very cropped and I don’t like the idea of my mid section showing when I raise my arms. I like that I can customize whatever size I want with KKL. Granted, the wait time is similar to ES right now, but having my shirt custom made means a bit more to me value-wise for that wait time. I’ve read more than once people waiting a long time for ES clothes just to be disappointed with the fit. KKL does have the hippie/peasant look going on, especially when you see the harem pants and their color scheme, but knowing they are willing to customize so much means a lot.

8 thoughts on “Linen shirt”

  1. I’m glad to be introduced to another good linen brand on Etsy. (I’m following a few others on Etsy, though haven’t decided what I want to buy for the summer – maybe another dress and another top.) Though it sounds like, with the wait times, I should order soon if I want to get it by the time the weather turns hot and humid here!


  2. nice shirt. the buttons are such a special detail. i’ve been stalking some linen sellers on etsy too. they all seem to be based out of lithuania or latvia. but i haven’t actually purchased anything yet. i do like that they are customizable. i have two things from ES that are made from linen. the tilda linen pants are a medium weight linen with slight variations on its surface. it does feel textured and high quality. i also have the harper tunic in a linen gauze, which has an entirely different texture. i’m sure i like it. the material is thinner but it crinkles up more and has irregular large variations on its surface. the quality is good and better than eileen fisher linen, which have been thin and more fragile in my experience, but when its crazy hot outstide, it’s nice to have ultra thin linens as a option. from your pictures though kkl, looks on par with es, although they might have their own unique characteristics.


  3. That linen looks awesome! The detailed pics practically had me drooling 🙂 I recently switched to linen sheets and duvet, and it’s been wonderful!

    The shop you linked to has such nice pieces – I’m really tempted by their dresses. (Plus their photography and styling is so pretty!) One thing I haven’t quite figured out yet with linen shirts, after sitting down for a while, the bottom part gets all wrinkly. I imagine it would be even more obvious with dresses.


    1. Linen bed sheets are the bomb. I’ve got two sets now and will never go back to cotton.
      Linen shirts do wrinkle a lot at the bottom. I’d ironed this shirt the night before and it was very crisp in the morning. I’m getting used to accepting the wrinkle factor though.


  4. I have never purchased ES linen so I won’t pipe in about that. However, I own one dress from KKL. Idk if you had this option, but I gave them my waist and height measurements (as was suggested) and they customized the dress for my frame. It really is one of my favorite dresses — I bough it two years ago. The linen has gotten so much softer and more beautiful with age. I own a few CP Shades linen pieces and its just hands down not as nice as KKL. I also had a long wait time and had pretty much the same situation as you two years ago. They seem to be a really popular shop.

    The top looks very nice on you, and I like the way it hangs. Even though it is loose it still frames your shape surprisingly well. It seems you dont have an option to uncuff the sleeves, but cuffed looks good.


    1. I did have the option to give measurements but I just opted for the size small in the description. I am able to roll up the sleeves and had them rolled up for a little while during the day. It’s nice to know that their linen is really good quality. I’m glad to hear from others who have bought KKL and had good experiences. 😊


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