I think I have a pant addiction. It used to be running shoes, but since I won’t be running for a while my new thing is to obsess over the cut and style of pants. I just bought two more pairs before writing this post – both black (of course). I know a lot of people who just wear the same pants over and over and over with different tops. Maybe I’ll do the reverse where I wear one top constantly and change out the pants. That sounds very amusing to me, but I’ve also had a Scotch. Last minute meetings and coworkers blowing up at each other made for an interesting day at work.

What clothing addictions do you have? Any specific kind of item? Silk shirts? Cardigans? Shoes? Socks?

I also bought another pair of barefoot style shoes that look more professional than the ones in the top photo. I like the Lems (above) but something about them feels too casual. Maybe I just need to change out the shoe laces. I don’t really like them. Also, I already need to buff the EF shoes because I’m wearing them so much they are scuffing a lot faster than I realized. They are also really soft leather, which doesn’t help. I did get a compliment on them today though.

We are seeing Infinity War tonight with friends. It should be a lot of fun. I’m not a hardcore Marvel fan, but I like the movies because they are good action films and seeing them with a bunch of friends in a full theater makes it even more fun.

4 thoughts on “Pants”

  1. Ugh my thing is lipstick, really. All the reds, all the time. Sometimes Miami pinks.

    I am one of those people who wears the same pants all the time because it’s easy and pants that fit are hard to find!


    1. I only have two lipsticks. I can’t say I’m a huge lipstick fan, but I can see how that could be addicting having the *perfect* color of red for an outfit.
      I wear more baggy pants now than I used to so I think I’m more lenient in fit and I like to have different degrees of bagginess as well. I want everything from potato sack to skinnies in my wardrobe now.


    1. A year ago I had three pairs of jeans and maybe one pair of pants and that was it. Now, I have two pairs of jeans and I forget the count now on pants, but I’m having to double up on my pant hangers in the closet because I don’t have enough and need to buy more.


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