Red black, blue black, black black


Monday: New (to me, but really used) Yohji Yamamoto short sleeve top and Issey Miyake pants. This outfit was super comfortable. The top is cotton and felt like a fancy button down collared tee shirt. The pants reminded me of some EF items I’d seen at the mall as part of The System. They are a mix of cotton, polyester and elastic. Although this outfit attracts ALL THE LINT, it was extremely comfortable. The pants are straight leg and kinda flowy at the bottom when I walked due to the material. I noticed how the two blacks were the teensiest bit hued in blue (top) and red (pants). It was pouring rain most of the day so I wore closed shoes. They didn’t bother my ankle too much because these are the barefoot style shoes, but man do they ever bring down the look the outfit. I look like I should be busing tables. Tuesday

Today: Again new (to me but used) YY turtleneck and YY pants. I knew it would be much colder today so out came the turtleneck as planned. Again, I was super comfortable in this outfit. I ironed the pants the night before and they looked perfect this morning, but they do wrinkle easily so the nice, clean lined look I was going for was gone by the time I got to the office. Oh well. I love this turtleneck. It fits perfectly. I really wish I’d found it earlier this winter. Today’s outfit was more true black than yesterday’s. The pants give off a little sheen so they may look the slightest bit lighter.

It sucks I came home late to crap lighting. I had to go to the dealership after work and renew my loaner agreement. I may not get my car back until July now because they are so backlogged on engines for the Elantra problem. The dealership agreed to give me loaners the whole time. I have to renew it once a month now.

Tomorrow will be warmer and I don’t have any solid black outfits planned. That being said, these outfits felt right on me and I didn’t think about them at all throughout the day. I also really dig the difference in silhouettes for them.

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