Hell week


This was Thursday’s outfit, which is the outfit I tried to wear last week, but got toothpaste  all over. Wearing Yohji shirt and “skants” (Skirt/pants). I wore it as a skirt but then realized I was very restricted with leg movement so when I got to work I went to the bathroom and put my leg in the other flap area to wear them as pants. I’m glad I did because yesterday was absolute hell at work and I was rushing all around the office and shop. I don’t have a photo yet for today because all three of my batteries are dead for my camera. One is currently charging while I write this and drink a vodka cocktail -more vodka than cocktail. And I’m refusing to exercise tonight.

This week started off ok, and even had an upswing on Tuesday and Wednesday, but Thursday then nose-dived into absolute shit. Today was even worse. I was hoping to leave work early because I’ve worked 9 hours almost every day this week, but after today’s developments I was still emailing clients past my work hours and waiting for parts to move on the shop floor. The stress at work this week went through the roof for me. I feel like I’m constantly headed towards the edge of a cliff, waiting to fall, but I don’t know exactly where the edge is so I keep running and feeling anxious about when I’ll reach it.

Z has had a bad week as well.  I went out to dinner last night with friends and he was supposed to join us, but he couldn’t due to work. I brought him dinner from the restaurant and he inhaled that while plowing away on his computer. He was still at it at 10 pm last night and then going again early this morning. Tonight, we are both drinking heavily and eating a lot of wings and pizza.

The EF shoes are working out really well. It’s easy to slip them on and off when I change out of my non-slip work shoes.  I am noticing my toes are a little discolored from the black leather. I’m guessing it’s due to dye. In any case, I have very dirty looking feet right now.

On a good note, I am feeling a lot better about my ankle. I’m still slightly paranoid, but it’s not as sore as it was and while I still need to work on it a lot I’m thinking it really is healed this time.

2 thoughts on “Hell week”

  1. I was reading an editorial on yohji yamamoto the other day and it talked about how he wanted women to have multiple different ways to wear his clothes, ie. different options for buttoning up a shirt for example which is why he has buttons instead of seams sometimes. soo interesting, as are these skants you are wearing. I love the shoes also. I am considering some EF spring shoes right now too.


    1. I’ll admit, I spent a lot more time than I should have trying to decide which way to wear the skants. Even as pants, I have two options of where I want the pocket and zipper to face! I’ve never had an item of clothing where I have three ways to choose to wear it. It does make it fun though.


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