It seems I’m into contrasts this week.

Instead of whinging about how freakishly awful my work week has been thus far (and it’s only Tuesday), I’m shutting up the whiner and bringing out the shoe fiend.

I can’t wear regular shoes just yet because my ankle isn’t strong enough and I don’t want to risk doing anything to the tendon, so open back shoes are a must for me. I’ve been wearing my non-slip clogs at work a lot. My boss even mentioned them today. At first, I thought it was a dig for not wearing more office appropriate shoes, but he honestly didn’t care at all and said I looked comfortable.


These are my non-slip clogs. They are basically industrial crocs and that’s it. They are a size 9 even though I’m a size 8 shoe and while these are a little big, they tend to run small in general from the company we get non-slips.

For now, I’ve been wearing my boot/shoe combo to the office, but then take them off and put on the clogs for most of the day. I don’t have any open back shoes other than my faux birks to wear, but it’s still fairly cold in the mornings so I like to have more foot coverage.

I’ve been looking at mules a lot lately in general and while I dismissed them before as fancy shoes for lazy people… I am actually that kind of person.


I love these Piave ankle strap shoes by Jill Sander, but the price tag is way too far out of my comfort zone. Like, not even in the maybe zone. But they are pretty.

eggmule grey matter

These Egg Mules by Gray Matter have some lift, but I still like them. They are a bit more fancy than what I’d probably wear normally, but something about the shape of these shoes entrances me. These aren’t really an option either, but more eye candy like the Jill Sander shoes.


The Ferlyn Flat Loafers from Isabel Marant are also in the chokingly expensive category, but I like that they are a full loafer. They have a seam and the back is made to fold down – like the Everlane Babo shoe they had a while back. I like the idea of this shoe being a loafer and a mule at the same time. I could probably wear it as a loafer in the mornings with the leather being that soft to fold down.

sandy whiskeysandy croc


I’ve been looking at Sevilla Smith shoes a lot and the softness of the leather for some styles may not bother the back of my ankle. I really like the look of the Sandy shoe and go back and forth between wanting them in the Whiskey or Croc colors. The Liz mule looks nice too. The Sevillas are the only ones within my price range and I have a feeling I’ll get some soon. Choosing a leather for them will be the most difficult part.

9 thoughts on “Mule”

  1. Excellent writeup and thank you for the recommendations! I’m loving my Sevilla Smith “the Sandy” in Salmon Raider. Sadly the Salmon Raider just sold out. So many color options, but I ended up going the more neutral route and zero regrets. Has an elongating effect wearing a color close to my skin tone. I’ve included Sevilla Smith on my blog (FlyteLiving.com), and discovered via a friend during a recent trip.


  2. The Sevilla Smith in whiskey are on my wish list for after I pay off my credit card debt (oops – I’ll make sure the have cash for them first). Reviews suggest they are very soft! The Isabel Marant are quite intriguing and I like that they can survive the current mule craze. Low open-back clogs (Lotta from Stockholm) might also work? I had a pair of Ankle-Wrap mid sandals I outgrew with my twins, but they were good shoes and nicely priced (much less than Hasbeens).


  3. The gray matters egg mules crack me up. I’ve not seen them in all black this this before, I think they look a lot less weird this way. Not the most practical still, but pretty! I like the idea of the Sevilla Smith ones. I’m curious about how they wear. I get blisters from shoes without socks normally, and with the weird cut socks are probably out on those anyway. I wonder if the un-stiff leather makes socks unnecessary from a blister standpoint?


    1. Aren’t they funny looking? I kept seeing the white egg heels before and thought they were unique, but not enough to buy. The solid black ones actually make me think: yeah, I could wear those for a special event. They are definitely more eye candy than anything else.
      I like that I can choose from really soft material for the Sevillas or ones with a bit more structure, but then again, it’s choice overload for me and I don’t know which one I’d want to get. In general, I don’t think they are meant to be worn with socks but that certainly wouldn’t stop me from trying – even if I do wear some sort of small liner.


  4. Those Jil Sander shoes are a work of art. I think you may be right about Sevilla Smith; the uppers really do feel like you’re just wearing socks, since there are no stiffeners. They won’t put any pressure on your tendon. It would be a nice option for cooler weather, or an air conditioned office, vs. mules. The only downside I can think of is, because the leather is so soft and malleable, in my experience you can’t wear socks with them (if you are considering any of the styles that are more loafer-like). The socks just slide all over. Unless you are wearing a grippy sock, like those invisible Falke socks for the airport – and, of course, those aren’t warm at all.


    1. I definitely want to get some Sevillas, but I am honestly having choice overload problems figuring out what style and material. This is a case of having too many choices and being afraid of choosing the wrong one!

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  5. I just bought a pair of mules. I swear we’re on the same sort of shopping brain wavelength. They’re pretty plain save for the embroidery. I really hope they’re comfortable though… I have been going shoe crazy lately. I love love love your selections. All of them are beautiful.


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