Friday and Saturday outfits.

On Saturday, the roofers showed up at 7 am. Z got up immediately and said he’d take care of it, but the noise kept me up so I rolled out of bed at 7:45 am. Ugh.

I got dressed to meet a coworker/ friend at the movies around 11:30. We saw Unsane and while it wasn’t really my cup of tea, it was still a good movie. I could appreciate the directing and script. What was even more impressive was the fact that the entire movie was filmed on iPhones.

I was bad and didn’t wear my boot at all yesterday, but I knew I’d be sitting around for most of the day. I definitely walk around a lot more at work. I can’t really wear normal shoes because I need to strengthen the tendon more so I opted for wool socks and birks look (they aren’t real birks) This way I wouldn’t have anything rubbing on the back of my ankle. I found it disturbing I thought the weather was warm yesterday when the high was only 48F.

I was surprised by how easy it was to get dressed yesterday to go out. Normally I would’ve thrown on jeans, but I felt tired of wearing them. I still rely on wearing jeans a lot, especially for casual outings like shopping or visiting a friend. But lately, I’ve been thinking about why I don’t wear other pants more often for those sorts of things. It’s hard to disassociate the other pants with “work” clothes, but there’s honestly no reason why I shouldn’t be able to wear them like I do jeans.

Z brought home a “new” computer for me. A friend of his family always calls on him for technical support and he goes over there at least 3 times a year. She had an older iMac sitting around she was going to recycle, even though nothing was wrong with it. She had upgraded, so Z took her old one and gave it to me and it’s now my upgrade since it’s a little newer. He may sell or part out my old iMac. The screen on this one is a little bigger and it’s brighter.

I brought home a stack of resumes to go through this weekend. I even made a Bad Application Bingo card, which everyone in the office found highly amusing. The resumes were so bad. By the end of it, they were in stacks of No, WTF, and Not Annoying. I’ll go over the Not Annoying ones again tomorrow and see if my boss thinks we should bring any in.


2 thoughts on “Easy”

  1. The “new” iMac was a great surprise! My MacBook Pro is 7 years old and while I haven’t had any issues with it yet, I feel like I’m on borrowed time with this machine. I have no legitimate reason for an upgrade, though, so I’ll just plod along with it until the bitter end.

    It’s probably not an issue with jeans, but do you end up with a super wrinkly pant leg when you wear the boot? At least you don’t have to worry about ironing them while you’re still wearing it every day.


    1. I do get very wrinkly pant legs due to the boot. There’s no getting around it, so I’ve just dealt with it. They bunch up when I have the boot on and they crease oddly as well. I try to do a fold-over with the ironed crease, but it just makes a weird triangle when it’s been pressed against my leg all day. When I’m out of the boot completely I’ll go back and iron all the pants properly again.


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