I have no idea what day it is


I threw on what was comfortable and warm for today. I couldn’t remember what day it was. It kinda felt like a Friday, but I was busy this morning like a Monday and a coworker thought it was Tuesday.

Even after Z shoveled 3 times yesterday – the last being at 8:30 pm – I still had to wipe off 3 inches of snow from my car this morning. We got a foot of snow total. Can we please be done with this nonsense? I’m also sick of wearing wool socks. My legs and feet itch like crazy because my skin is so dry and I put on wool socks to keep warm. Even my trusty favorite moisturizer can’t handle how weirdly dry this winter has been. Odd, that we’ve had an insane amount of precipitation, but the humidity levels overall have been one of the driest seasons on record.

I reposted the job description with some changes for the admin role we are looking for. We’ve had nearly 100 applicants and maybe 3 wrote decent cover letters and resumes. All the rest… yikes. I was hoping for better leads by putting a few more parameters on the job description, but this afternoon’s crop of resumes has me wondering why the hell I’m getting bottom feeders. Ugh. I know, that’s super harsh of me to say, but seriously, how many times can I read something along the lines of: I’m a dependable and honest person! without wanting to stab my eyes out. I don’t give two shits what these applicants think of themselves! I want to know their qualifications! IF they happen to add a glowing recommendation from a coworker who says yes, this person is dependable and honest – then great, but I’m not impressed when that’s the first line of a cover letter! It’s egotistical, stupid and NOT WHAT YOU WRITE IN A COVER LETTER. I suppose I should be lucky some applicants even wrote one – despite how awful it is – because even after making a cover letter a requirement for the application process, most of them don’t even bother or write stupid shit like “Great Customer Service Skills” and… that’s it. WHAT?!

The biggest WTF on these resumes though is the phrase “tech savvy”. WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? A coworker guessed it meant the applicant can use Facebook, which made me laugh. When the GM asked me what it meant I told him I have no idea and I don’t even know what era that phrase is from. He guessed the 80s.

I don’t even think I can say I’m looking for an admin anymore. I’m just looking for someone who knows how to write a fucking cover letter and resume. Period.

Z says I need to make Bad Application Bingo. Phrases on the card can read “honest and dependable”, “tech savvy”, telecommuting, secretary and “stay at home mom”.

5 thoughts on “I have no idea what day it is”

  1. People are clueless.. once I found my old resume from college and it was definitely cringe-worthy. But nowadays it’s so easy to look up how to write a cover letter properly on the internet, so there’s no excuse for it. Also for a minute there I thought you didn’t have to wear the boot anymore. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer. I have to go back to my podiatrist at get orthotics for foot problems soon.


    1. Yes, I’ve had some real cringe worthy resumes as well, but when I’m looking at ones where people have had over ten years of work history, you’d think they would have figured it out by now right? Or at least gotten help. Part of me also wonders if I’m just too demanding.


    2. Oh I am still wearing the boot on and off. I’m in a weaning process now where I wear it a little bit to get my tendon and leg muscles used to functioning again, but I can’t do it all too soon or I’ll strain it and risk tearing the tendon again. So it’s on and off with the boot right now.


    1. Yes! I thought of “team players” as well after I made the post. “Critical thinkers” is a good one too. I have enough resumes to go through tomorrow I think I might give them to people in the engineering group and we’ll play bingo.
      One of the engineers said “tech savvy” means the applicant was able to show their mom how to change the wallpaper setting on an iPhone.

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