Someone call Spring, it forgot it’s due date.


Today is the first day of spring. We are expecting 5-8 inches of snow. We are not amused here and ready for this winter business to go away.

white shirt

This was Monday’s outfit with the new white shirt I bought. It got dirty, as expected, but I was right in how sturdy the material is and it can take a beating. I was a bit self conscious of the collar hitting my chin and possibly getting makeup on it, but it wasn’t as big a problem as I thought. Overall, I am glad I bought it.


Tuesday’s outfit: wearing the new Pas de Calais linen pants. These are extremely comfortable. It’s like wearing PJs because the linen is so soft. It’s also very thick. The weave of the linen gives it a herringbone look close-up, which I found really interesting and wondered if that had anything to do with how soft they are.

These are a size small and I wavered back and forth a lot on whether or not to return these for the extra small. These are a bit big in the waist, but there are side cinches to tighten it. When I do that, it bunches a little at the waist and so that made me wonder if I really am an extra small in size. I wore the pants on and off over the weekend and decided I’ll stick with the small and I’m glad I did. I cinched the sides when I first put them on, but ended up loosening them throughout the day and realized these are more mid-to-low rise kind of pants. They are meant to be worn a little slouchy. I can wear them at the waist cinched, but I ended up feeling more comfortable in them loose. These are the lowest style pants I have and since it’s been so long since I’ve worn lower rise pants I felt a little weird at first, but was completely fine by the end of the day. The small is in fact the right size for me because of the room I have in the thighs and hips. An extra small would be a bit snug there and I prefer the looser fitting. Once I got used to it and realized just how these pants are meant to be worn I was perfectly fine and do believe they are worth the price. Of course, I got an email from the PdC shop the following day about a basement sale of 60% off all items for this Friday. However, I think it might be only for in-store purchases and since the store carrying the brand are too far away from me (in NY) then I don’t feel too bad.

One other thing, the pockets are very low in these pants and are kinda weird. They bunch up oddly when I sit down because the pockets bulge out right at my hips when sitting, but I also got used to that. The side pockets aren’t so much for practical purposes as for just throwing your hands in, but there is a good sized back pocket that’s perfectly usable.


Over the weekend I bought some house plants. Waaaaaaaayyyy back when in college – don’t ask how long ago – I used to be the Plant Rescuer. Whenever friends had plants that were dying they’d give them to me and I’d take care of them and the plants would spring back to life. My apartment was full of plants. I don’t know if it had anything to do with the environment I was in then or not (I lived in OK at the time), but now I can’t save a plant to save my own life. Keeping plants since I’ve moved to the east coast has been quite the ordeal. Every place I’ve lived in has at least a ten degree temperature extreme on almost any given day. Currently, during the winter lows in this house can get down to 62F and up to 70F when the heat kicks on. If we wanted to keep the house more temperate we’d be paying a billion dollars in electrical bills. During the summer, the house still ranges from 68 to 80F. On top of that, the difference between the bedrooms upstairs and the basement is anywhere from 10-15 degree difference constantly. I know not a lot of plants can handle that kind of temperature swing on a 24 hour basis so keeping plants alive here has been challenging. I’ve had a little luck with succulents (barely), but I’m hoping having a pothos, which is almost impossible to kill, will help me gain my green thumb confidence back.

Lastly, kitty photos of Bento and Yuki because they were being cute and quiet (for once).


2 thoughts on “Someone call Spring, it forgot it’s due date.”

  1. I love the pants! I see what you mean about the side pockets being sort of low, but like you I tend to use side pockets just as a place to rest my hands. If I’m standing, I tend to have one or both hands in a pocket. It’s my default posture. It looks like the XS would have fit as well, but with the larger size you don’t have to worry about shrinkage in the dryer.

    I had to look up pothos; I’ve never been good with houseplants. Plus, when I travel work it would be kind of a big ask for someone to come over and maintain indoor plants. I do enjoy selecting annuals for outside, but it’s not really the same thing. My entire yard is landscaped with containers (except for the trees, of course). I figure, if I kill the plant, no big deal – I’ll just put a new one in the container next year. I couldn’t handle the pressure of maintaining actual planted-in-the-ground flowers.


    1. Yes! Shrinkage is another thing I was thinking about with these. I don’t know how much they will shrink, so I may not tumble dry them. It’s not recommended anyway. The tag says to hand wash, but um… no. Delicate cycle in a laundry bag on cold is about as “hand wash” close as I get.
      Golden Pothos are very hearty plants and can take quite a beating. I’ve forgotten to water mine for a month before and it perked right back up. They also take any kind of lighting.
      We have a ton of flower beds around our house from the previous owners and the perennials keep popping back up no matter how many times I chop them down! Unless I take out the bulbs, the hyacinths, irises, black eyed daisies, roses, and several others come back every year and we’ve hardly done anything to upkeep them at all. Once perennials take root, unless they get a disease, they are rather easy to care for. Just water and chop down at end of season.


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