Big, baggy aesthetic


2 posts, 1 day. Haven’t done that in a while.

This is today’s snow day outfit. It’s a Nike sweatpants outfit I bought for running outside a few years ago. More often than not, I wear either or both of these pieces for warmth in the winter.

I found a new outfit/clothing tumblr to fawn over in the same vein of Death by Elocution, but with a baggier look – fftdimg. For as much as I love the looks in DbE, I can’t help but think: I couldn’t pull that off because bare ankles mean cold ankles. A lot of the looks on DbE have the model in an oversized sweater, wool coat, slightly cropped trousers and some sort of spotless looking shoe. The looks are polished and while they look like real looks people would wear, I still think there’s that not-quite-within-grasp-without-looking-like-you’re-trying-too-hard / pretentiousness to them. I think a lot of that has to do with practicality and seeing such top-heavy looking outfits with bare ankles that would be cold instantly brings home the lack of realism in the outfits. The look is gorgeous, no doubt, and something to aspire to, which seems to be the point. I think it’s obvious the photographer knows these looks are more idealized than practical, but having that eye candy is inspiring. fftdimg is similar, but I noticed how the proportions are bigger, baggier, and pant lengths are definitely longer. Looking through fftdimg had me thinking: I can definitely wear that. No bare, cold ankles, but more of a polished throwback to the longer leg lengths of the 90s and early 2000s – without the grunge.



For as much as I love the cropped pant look, I can’t get past the cold ankles and this winter has driven home the importance of having ALL Limbs Covered All The Time. Maybe next winter will be different and I’ll be all over cropped pants. If I’m perfectly honest though, I think I’m more of a full-long length pant kind of person.

6 thoughts on “Big, baggy aesthetic”

  1. Thank you for pointing me toward a diamond mine of blousy trousers! Haha. Seriously though I love those baggier looks, they feel very understated and fresh! I thought maybe that was you in the orange shirt before I scrolled down.

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  2. I think you described those photos perfectly – 90s without the grunge. I admire that aesthetic. It’s hard to pull off loose pants with so much length. I wish I could incorporate that in to my wardrobe. Being short, I think pants with that proportion just look like they’re too long for me. I used to wear heels and until I had to switch to mostly flats, I chose a more traditional hem length. Now that I’m always so low to the ground, I’ve been favoring cropped denim because it makes me feel like I look taller. Obviously, this is not fooling anyone.

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    1. I probably would do better with cropped pants as well, but I’ve never been a huge fan of how they look on me. Maybe I’ve not found the right kind of cropped height or style. I do like the look of a full length leg, even without heels. It’s a bit Charlie Chaplin, and can veer into looking dumpy very easily, but with the right trousers I think it looks good.


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