4 months, 1 shoe


For 4 months one shoe (right) has been on my foot and the other (left) has been in a box. Btw, the heel of the shoe above is falling off now at the very bottom layer.

I kinda knew I wanted to do a comparison post when I first bought these shoes. Ideally, I’d wear the one during boot time and then be able to wear both afterwards. That’s…. not so much something I want anymore.

I bought these shoes because of the platform on them. The shoe I wore allowed me to be evenly balanced while wearing the medical boot. I still hobbled about a bit, but at least I felt more stable being on the same walking plane.

To give an idea of just how much I relied on this shoe, here’s a breakdown of every day, including weekends:

  • Wake up, get dressed and put on shoe and boot.
  • Wear both all day at work with the exception of times I had to take off both and put on my non-slip shoes for going out on the shop floor. I tried wearing the boot once on the shop floor and terrified myself. I seriously thought I was going to fall and break both my legs.
  • Change into workout clothes on M, W, F and put back on shoe and boot to exercise in – I would take it off for doing push ups because the pointy toe end wasn’t very stable for that.
  • During evenings I’d put my feet up on the sofa or a pouf and only take off the shoe.
  • The only other time the shoe was off was during showers or at night when I’d wear a different brace to sleep in.
  • Weekends: wake up, dressed (sort of) and put on shoe and boot.
  • Again, only time I take it off when either lounging, showering or sleeping.

I lived in this shoe constantly.

Pros of this shoe:

  • It made me feel stable and more balanced.
  • It works well with the majority of my wardrobe.
  • It is easy to take on and off in a second, which is what I wanted.

Cons of this shoe:

  • The break-in period was awful. I’m not used to wearing shoes that pinch my toes together because I’d been wearing so many barefoot styled shoes beforehand. I feel as if I’ve cramped my toes together completely during these 4 months.
  • Wearing thick socks to keep my ankles warm was painful until the shoes stretched out a bit. This also goes along with the break-in period. Not good.
  • After the beginning of the second month a squeak developed in the forefoot area of the shoe and no matter what I’ve done it will not go away. The boot already sounds awful – like someone running around in a diaper due to the padding for my leg and all the velcro straps moving around. Adding a squeak to it on the other shoe has made wearing both boot and shoe highly annoying for me every. single. day. I made a joke with a coworker I’m the walking Squeaky Diaper and we laughed, but I think part of my anger and grumpiness is due to this damn squeak in the shoe.
  • It’s not great to wear in cold weather and has zero traction, just like the boot. I’m basically in ice skates during inclement weather. Big, cumbersome, annoying ice skates.
  • It’s also not warm at all, which is why I had to wear thick socks, but that just made the shoe more uncomfortable until I managed to stretch out the shoe, dealing with a lot of annoying pain in the process.
  • Expensive – I definitely got my money’s worth out of wearing the one shoe constantly, but I still feel a bit bitter about paying as much as I did for them and only wearing one out of the pair.

As I’m starting the tapering off period (FINALLY!) I don’t have much longer in this shoe and I’ve learned a few things from it.

  • I only like the look of platform shoes. I can’t wear them. I felt like I was tripping all over myself until I got used to it and it just wasn’t me. I know I’m not that tall, but I still need to be closer to the ground. I still trip over myself from time to time and it’s not the boot, it’s literally because of the shoe itself.
  • I hate break-in periods on shoes. This was a big reminder of why I’ve switched to barefoot style shoes or shoes that I know I won’t be fighting for a few months to feel “right” wearing. No one should have to deal with that when wearing shoes and it amazes me how women put up with it for the sake of fashion/style/their ego/prettiness/looking like that girl/ etc…. Hell, men do it too. ANYONE wearing shoes that are uncomfortable – just stop it! You’re not helping yourself look awesome if you’re in pain!
  • I will burn any shoe that squeaks! Ok, so that’s a rage response, but still, if any of my regular shoes squeak when I go back to wearing them, they are OUT!

In the end, I will not be wearing the other shoe even though it is brand new because I don’t want to look at this pair of shoes ever again once I’m done with this one. I don’t think Vince shoes are for me or maybe I need to look at their more casual ones that might have bigger toe boxes. But they all have a lift right? Hmm… nope. Never mind. No Vince shoes.


12 thoughts on “4 months, 1 shoe”

  1. It’s good that you’ll be able to taper off from wearing the boot now! It definitely created an unique opportunity to compare the “before” and “after” of wearing a shoe so heavily for a while. That break-in period sounds intense. Because I’ve had good luck with having an easy break-in period with maybe half of the shoes I’ve bought in recent memory, I end up being even more wimpy about breaking in anything that takes more than 2-3 days max.


  2. don’t give up on vince shoes altogether though!! my warren’s (platforms like yours) squeak and sometimes i almost don’t wear them because of it, but i do anyway, because they’re crazy comfortable. i would try the blair style if you don’t like the platform, i’ve had three pairs of the blairs and they’re pretty much the most comfortable shoes i’ve ever owned, and take a long time to wear out. not as heavy as the platforms either. i do size down a half size in the blair style though FYI 🙂


    1. Ok, thanks for telling me about the Blair style. It’s been a while since I’ve looked at the Vince shoe line and only remembered most of them being platform-ish in general.


  3. I just bought a pair of platform slip-ons. They’re not quite as high as Vince’s and are much lighter in weight. Louise et Cie is the brand and available on I wore mine today and walked three miles without feeling pain which is a miracle. I have super f$cked feet – bunions and a broken toe (healed now but bone is jacked).


  4. Ah the dreaded squeak. Cannot stand a squeaky shoe!! Why?? So glad you will be tapering off the boot. I’m excited to see what other shoes you own, haha. What will you do with this pair since it’s half worn? Maybe someone with the opposite foot in a boot will want them, they can break in the other one 🙂


  5. I get what you’re saying about not wanting to be reminded of that boot after you’re done with it. But I guess it would also be horrible to have another break in period with that new shoe.


  6. The sole/platform is so dense; I’m surprised you were able to break it in. The shoe you’ve been wearing looks so much more comfortable than the new shoe. I have also had shoes develop a squeak out of nowhere and that’s pretty much the end for me. I’ll experiment with different socks/no socks to see if it makes a difference, but it usually doesn’t. Even without the squeak, I’m sure you don’t want a reminder of so many months in the boot. You definitely got your money’s worth, even with just one shoe.


    1. Breaking this in was not fun and you’re right, it’s exactly because I’ll only associate these shoes with the boot that I don’t want to look at them anymore.


  7. Congrats for almost graduating out of that boot. I think I would be so tired of it too if I were in your shoes (ha). At the same time, that trusty shoe saw you through some tough times.. may that shoe rest in peace. Too bad it is nearly impossible to recycle shoes and you might have a hard time donating them because one is so different from the other. Nike recycles athletic shoes, but so far I haven’t found a way to recycle other types of shoes.

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