My increasingly casual outfits for the rest of the week. One could say they also show the progression of my mental and emotional status as well.

After all the work I did in hustling departments to get product out for today’s deadline the end result was 0. Nothing went out today, hence the double of Cardhu Gold Reserve single malt scotch in my hand in the last photo, which is today. As you can see by the outfit, I just did not GAF at all. I wore a long sleeve tee and jeans to the office. My outfit may or may not have been inspired by my watching lots of Jessica Jones lately on Netflix since her uniform is a black top and light wash jeans. I’m not entirely sure myself, I just knew I had to roll out of bed and throw something on that would get me through this crap day with as little fuss as possible. Everlane and Grana get props for this comfortable and extremely casual outfit.

On the good side, I got my white shirt from Everlane today and it is a keeper. The material is maybe not as thick as the men’s style, but still very substantial. The outline of my navy bra could be seen under it, but barely. I styled it a few different ways and realized it would work as a good offie shirt and as a layer. The only reason why is due to the nature of the fabric.

As my stress mounted this week due to the looming deadline and lack of information I was getting from people, I therapy shopped when I got home. Yesterday after work I also had a drink, sat down and put the PdC pants I’ve wanted into cart and paid for without batting an eye. Every day for the past two weeks I’ve been checking the site – not so much for a sale, but to make sure the pants weren’t going to run out of my size. That kind of panic finally struck me last night: Jen, just get the damn pants, price be damned. I can afford it. So those are on the way as well. Not that we’ll have any nice weather any time soon to make wearing linen pants necessary. The forecast for the upcoming storm has changed countless times, but in the end it went back to possible 5-8 inches of snow again from Tuesday night into Thursday morning. Ugh. The roofers are scheduled for Tuesday morning: yeah, right – I highly doubt it’ll happen and we’ll have to wait for a reschedule for another week. Plus, we still haven’t heard from the Hyundai rep about my warranty work and loaner.

I may be having another double of scotch tonight….


Sorry this is all doom and gloom, but it’s my life right now. It’ll pass…. eventually… I hope… or heads will roll at work.  I am actually excited about getting the PdC pants, but in light of today’s epic failure at work I can’t seem to muster much enthusiasm for anything.

2 thoughts on “Failure”

  1. The PdC pants are a good reward after a stressful week. I hope they arrive quickly! At least it will be fun to try on, even if it’s still blizzard conditions.

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