Storms… and more storms

Z took both of these photos for me. He took 7 shots waiting for Yuki to get into frame with me for Monday’s outfit.

For today, I wore my Everlane men’s Japanese oxford shirt. I don’t think they have them anymore on the site (unless you just buy the men’s one, which is still there because I think it’s the same thing), but it was touted as the women’s version of a men’s shirt, but… Japanese style? I don’t get it. Anyway, the fabric is very thick and perfect for wearing in cool weather. It would be way too hot to wear in the summer outdoors due to the thick cotton, but that’s exactly why I like it. For a light colored shirt, it’s totally opaque. That’s another reason why I’ve strayed away from white shirts, I hate how sheer most of them are – even solid cotton ones. This does have a grey stripe in it so it’s not totally white, but it’s the lightest colored button down shirt I own. The solid white one I ordered is in this same fabric and I think it’s the only way I could tolerate a white shirt – it feels sturdy and even if I do get a little make up on it, I think I could scrub it out because the weave of this shirt feels like it could take a beating. I also like that it’s not the light, crisp cotton. I could iron this shirt and make it look a little neater, but it looks slightly better crumpled, in the same way that linen looks better after being worn a bit.

So, to rewind a bit – we’ve been having a shit week – since the storm hit last Wednesday.

Wednesday: A foot of snow and a branch punctures a hole in our garage roof.
Thursday: I find out at work that even with a two week extension, only 1 out of 6 orders will be shipped on time to the client next week and I find out we are running a week and a half behind schedule. Cue my panic attack and about to lose my shit while waiting for slow ass GM to “get me answers” (which he never did). While driving home I was at a red light and my car suddenly starts violently shaking and making a strange squeaking sound like some animal is trapped in the engine.
Friday: I drive husband’s car to work (his beater car, not the Mustang) and he stays home to deal with insurance adjuster/ roofing /landscape/ garage door contractors and schedule my car appointment.
Saturday: 7 fucking am in the morning there’s knocking on our door and the tree company is there to take the branch down from the roof. At noon some contractor who works with the tree company showed up with his son to put a tarp on our roof. Both Z and I were exhausted the whole day.
Sunday: We relaxed, finally.
Monday: Drive my scary loud car to work. I’m running all around the shop floor, busting balls left, right and center to get up to 4 orders ready to ship for Friday. I’m still pissed it won’t be all six because technically it should, but there’s nothing I can do about that now. Drop my car off at the dealership for some known recall issues and to find out what the heck is going on with the engine.
Today: Z stays home again because I have his car and the Mustang was still trapped in the garage until around noon when the garage door company came and fixed it. I’m still busting balls at work and following the slower orders like a hawk. I got text updates from Z about the garage door being fixed and the dealership being a bunch of jerks about my car. Z asks to speak to another tech, who realized what the problem is, confirms it (which btw, is a problem my husband looked up because he’s a car geek and totally knew what the diagnosis was going to be before we even took it in), calls Z back and yep… I’m getting a new engine. It’s exactly what we knew the problem would be due to the symptoms being exactly as described: from 2012 – 2014 there was a known issue with engines put in Elantras that basically caused them to not function properly and eat themselves. Metal would break off in the engine due to bad bearings and other bad parts and metal would gather in the engine while running and cause them to break down entirely. Mine is a 2013 so it’s firmly in that engine problem time period. Luckily, I am still under warranty and sometime tomorrow the warranty work and my loaner should be approved by Hyundai.

I’ve no idea how long it’s going to take to fix my car, but at least I’m getting a loaner (I think? I hope. I don’t have that coverage with my insurance, but since this is a known issue – although not recalled – maybe they just do it as a courtesy).

All of this in time for… another snow storm to show up next week AND while we have visitors from our biggest client. Plus boss and others are going to another conference next week so I will be the only one in Business Development in house. AND I need to continuously be on top of ALL the upcoming orders for my client because of the current delay, which will cause a ripple effect of lateness (unless I tear their balls off entirely) with subsequent orders. I was trying to avoid all of this from the beginning, hence why I got the extensions, yada yada, same shit different day….


Tonight Z and I said “fuck it” to all this crap and drove to the city to our favorite ramen restaurant in Chinatown. There is nothing more comforting to me than a big bowl of hot, super flavorful tonkotsu broth, melt-in-your-mouth chunky pork belly slices, fat egg noodles and soy sauce seasoned soft boiled eggs on a cold night. The restaurant we go to is the most popular one in the city, Terakawa. At 7 pm on Tuesday night there was a line out the door and a 30 minute wait – that’s how good it is. It’s a tiny restaurant where everyone bumps into each other and pack in like sardines at tiny tables with tiny stools. It’s loud and hot and you have to yell to make the person sitting across from you hear you, but it smells delicious from the second you walk in and it always makes me smile to hear the staff behind the tiny bar counter loudly yell out, “rasshai!” to everyone who walks in the door. [ Irasshai いらっしゃい or rasshai – more rough version –  means “welcome, come on in” in Japanese (very informally) and is commonly heard in restaurants or retail where the staff are super friendly and casual.]

Afterwards, we waddled around Chinatown with our bellies full of broth and hit up a few of the bakeries to find treats to take home. We settled on chocolate mousse slices and I got a strawberry pastry for tomorrow. I also got a charshu onigiri from the restaurant because it’s the ultimate comfort food of seasoned pork (charshu) in a seasoned rice ball wrapped in nori and I’ll need it for work tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “Storms… and more storms”

    1. No, I don’t speak Japanese, but I know a lot of words/sayings due to all the anime I watch and reading manga. Also, I look stuff up constantly. I do have a book on Beginner’s book on learning Japanese and other tutorial information a friend gave me but I haven’t had the time to really sit down and force myself to learn it properly. I want to though!
      I could eat ramen every day as well. It’s one of the most delicious meals I’ve ever had. Next to that is Pho.


      1. I’m learning a tiny bit just by watching Terrace House on Netflix. Probably for me, I like pho and ramen equally. It’s very hard to find good pho though. There isnt good pho in NYC. There are plenty of great pho places in LA though. As for ramen, NYC has like 2-3 good places, and in LA everyone agrees Daikokuya is the best. Hope to go to japan and try it there one day. My BF’s brothers friend wrote a blog documenting ramen throughout japan when he lived there.. I’m not sure if it still exists though.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. If the site is still up I’d like to see it. I’d like to go to Japan too. It’s been on the bucket list of places my husband and I want to visit for a long time.


        2. I love Pho broth. I’d drink it by itself if possible. It’s comforting and not too salty. I think of it sort of like the bovril, which is a sort of “meat drink” the British have.


  1. Yikes – sorry it’s been so tough in the last week, especially with the car trouble and the roof. Best of luck with the things that are coming up at work! My old office was much closer to some of the good ramen places here, so it’s been a while since I had some.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. I’m starting to be known as the ball-buster at work because I’m always on top of people to get stuff done.
      If we lived closer to a good ramen restaurant I’d be in serious trouble. We’ve tried all the ones out in our area and they can’t hold a candle to Terakawa.


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