Picture day


Current conditions: snowy. There’s around 4 inches on the ground already and we are expected to get another 8 throughout the day/night. Roads are… passable, but barely and won’t be for much longer when the brunt of the storm hits.

This is what I’m wearing right now and what I usually look like on the weekends when I don’t go out. Tee is from Grand Teton Nat’l Park and it’s 8 years old. This shirt is the most comfortable tee I own and I will wear it until it dies a holey, threadbare death. I usually just wear it to bed, but some days I do wear it out in warmer weather. It used to have pit stains but after a solid day soaking in oxyclean I managed to get them out. Sweatpants are also from GTNP and are 3 years old. Hoodie is from Target and is probably almost 8 years old. Not shown – epic bedhead.

Michelle asked to see photos of the furniture here a while back and it was always in the back of my mind to make a post on it. Since I don’t have anything to do today and the lighting is somewhat working in my favor, bouncing off all the white snow, here are some house photos.

mainliving roomfurry

shoe caddy

Living room: first photo from where the front door is. Straight across from that door are stairs going up the the second floor. We have nil foyer, as is the case with these older Cape Cod style houses. Sofa is from West Elm, cream chairs and green one were Craigslist finds, end tables are vintage mid-century (brand called Lane) bought from Mid-Century Warehouse, rug and coffee table are from Pottery Barn, and all lamps are from Target. I really dislike the coffee table and want to replace it. Curtains are from Ikea. Yuki, our other kitty, lives on the green chair and so we hardly ever bother cleaning all the fur off it unless we know we are having a lot of company. The last photo above is of our shoe caddy area. The caddy is from Ikea and mounts to the wall. The bench is from Home Depot and the glass table was a trash find that Z wants to replace with something nicer.


Dining room: lighting wasn’t working well in here, but you get the idea. The paint color is a dark teal with white chair rail and medium grey below chair rail. The dining room table was custom built from Emmorworks. They have a lot more choices now from when we bought the table nearly 3 years ago. Ours is the farmhouse style and you can customize the tables to nearly any size you want, choose from what kind of stain you want and distressed finish. The dining room chairs are all from Mid-Century Warehouse and the large buffet was a Craigslist find. Z found it and apparently the guy owns a mid-century shop, but primarily sells on Craigslist. It was delivered to us from NY. The Sputnik chandelier is a reproduction made from Practical Props in CA. There used to be one of those fugly as hell faux candle chandeliers with maroon light bulb shade covers on it, but we got rid of that. I knew automatically I wanted a Sputnik style light for the dining room and we hunted for a while to get vintage, but they were too expensive.

studycouch view

My study: This room is to the right when walking in the front door. It’s a small bedroom, but I use it as a study. The desk, chair and rug are from Ikea. The loveseat is from West Elm and folds out to a twin sized bed. The entertainment center is from Wayfair. There’s a marble mid century side table next to the lamp from Target in the top photo. Note my manga and amiibo collections (40+ year old going on 14 here….).


Kitchen: Z and I put in the subway tile backsplash ourselves. This room was bile yellow with runny poo brown painted linoleum before. We tore off the old backsplash and found many layers it had undergone throughout the years. First, it was very wild floral wallpaper, then square tiled, which was taken off, but you could still see the grout outline. Then a very 70s looking green-white swirly linoleum was pasted on top and the previous owners painted over that with the poo brown color. The colors in this kitchen, let alone the whole house made me feel ill. For the record: I hate yellow. The whole house was painted in a weird yellowy-beigey bile color with muted brown or runny poo brown as an accent. *shudder* It was awful. Anyway, the island in the kitchen is from Ikea. The previous owners and many others in our neighborhood usually have a tiny kitchen table in that area since it’s considered a kitchenette, but we don’t really need one since we always use the dining room, so we put an island there for storing more stuff. The other side of the island is cut out and there are two stools so you can actually sit against the wall area. Eventually, we plan on replacing that ugly brown speckled granite countertop with something else and repainting the cabinets, but that’s years down the road…


Messy bedroom: Sconces are from Practical Props and the standing lamp is a vintage find from a shop that no longer exists. It’s dented at the base and I’ve been thinking of replacing it. The bureaus, rug, night stands and headboard are all West Elm. There’s a chair I got at an antique shop I use for throwing my workout clothes on. Also, behold our stylish looking humidifier with washcloth underneath so the rug doesn’t get too wet.

There’s also a guest room, but Z is on a call right now in there. If our bedroom is generally the West Elm Room, then the guest room is the Ikea Room since all the furniture (minus the bed) is from there.

Our house was built in 1953 and we wanted to keep the style generally mid-century 1) because that’s the only style of furniture that will properly fit in the house without looking obnoxious and 2) I think it looks better matching the period style inside and out. The previous owners had ginormous leather sofas in the living room and the walking space in it was a postage stamp in any direction. Even though the living room isn’t huge, I feel we did a decent job of getting furniture in it that’s fairly comfortable and doesn’t dwarf it. We also have a mostly finished basement where Z has his study and we have a huge tv and leather sofa. That’s where we play Zelda and other games. The workout room and laundry room and down there as well.



View outside right now.


9 thoughts on “Picture day”

  1. What a lovely home! I really like your living room and dining room decor. K and I are still pretty far from the stage of life where we’ve put much thought into decor/furniture. Our Ikea stuff is going strong after a few years and moves, though it’s a bit mismatched.


    1. Ikea has really stepped up their game over the years and their furniture is definitely much more sturdy and worth keeping for the long run.
      When we bought our house we pretty much had to get all new furniture because we’d been living above chain smokers for 10 years and nearly all of our furniture was ruined because it reeked of smoke. So we figured we should get stuff we really want now. Some of it has been pricey, but it’s been worth it.


  2. I love home tour posts. Thanks for sharing. Your decor is so inspiring. We will be moving this year and so we haven’t bought any investment/good furniture, but plan to in the coming years. This post inspired me to be less afraid of that warm walnut tone. It all looks so good. I didn’t notice the coffee table until you mentioned it. Maybe something more substantial would work better with the space though. I’ve been looking on JoyBird for some furniture basics/foundation pieces lately.


    1. I’d like something with a marble top for the living room I think. I feel like there’s a little too much warm wood going on and want a pop of brightness to even it out.
      I’ve not checked out JoyBird before. They seem to have some solid stuff in the same range as West Elm. I’m curious about the quality now.


  3. I’m looking for a new desk chair; do you like the Fjallberget? (I just looked it up on IKEA). I can’t tell whether there is an option to add casters to the legs. I never move my office chair as it is, so I guess I really don’t need them either way.

    I’m also planning to replace my windows within the next year so of course I immediately noticed how nice yours look. Did you replace them after buying the house or had the previous owner upgraded? I currently have wood windows and I’m thinking about switching to vinyl. I know vinyl is more efficient, but it has a shorter lifespan overall. I’d rather be thinking about something fun like quartz vs. soapstone counters, but windows are a higher priority.


    1. We did not actually buy these Fjallbert chairs. Z’s last job was in a huge office center and another business was moving. There were Ikea tables and chairs left in the lobby for grabs and we managed to get two of these chairs. I don’t think I would’ve bought it otherwise because I think it retails for something like $200 (last I looked). That being said, they really are nice chairs. You can’t put casters on them, but it’s not a huge deal to me. I have felt pads underneath the legs so they don’t scratch the floor and even with those I can slide around rather easily. It does swivel though. The only issue with it is the back. It can feel very hard if there isn’t a padding on it, which is why I have the lambskin throw-thingie on it.
      I don’t mind granite, but I would’ve chosen a different color, like a solid grey or something. I think we intend to go with that, but it is down the line. We want to redo our bathroom first.
      Our windows were replaced by the previous owners. We really lucked out with this house. The windows, water heater, AC unit, and heater were all new or less than five years old. I think the roof is less than ten years old and the basement was completely redone by them too. They had planned to make it their forever home, but the woman couldn’t handle going up and down the stairs all the time because she’s got a really bad knee.


      1. That’s a great find in an older home! When I bought my house, the previous owner (she built it about 30 years ago, it was her “downsize” once her adult kids moved out) had replaced the roof, water heater, appliances and carpet within the year. On one hand it was nice, but on the other hand I think I’d have preferred a discount on the house and then bought new appliances and continued the wood floors in to the great room and master bedroom. But I’m keeping that stuff for now; even though it’s not what I would have chosen it’s all neutral and I don’t want to waste almost-new building materials.

        The one thing she didn’t replace was the HVAC system and that was a bummer. Expensive, and not a “fun” purchase. I guess I like being able to control the thermostat with my phone, but I’d rather have renovated a bathroom.


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