I hate wait


Today was another mild day weather-wise. I ran errands after work so I came home to darkness, hence the bad lighting in today’s OOTD photo.

Now starts the waiting game with tomorrow’s weather. We’re expected to get anywhere from 3-12 inches, depending on the weather source. The amounts have fluctuated all day and I’m sick of hearing people predicting how much they expect to get. It’ll basically be: look out the damn window in the morning to decide.

Ever have those days where you have things you need to get, or so you thought, but when you get to the store you realize you don’t need any of it or even half of it? I had one of those moments today at Target after work and still felt a little guilty about the $30 I spent on shaving supplies, underwear, dental floss and cereal.

I’ll be honest, I really want a snow day tomorrow because I feel like my stress levels are getting crazy for no reason. I used to be able to run off my stress, but I can’t do that right now.

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