What February


This outfit looks very meh but at least I was warm. I’m wearing my baggy Yohji Yamamoto pants, but I think the boot bunching up the leg gives it more of a sweatpants look. A tighter top and some sandals would probably make the pants seem a lot nice than they look in this photo. At least I was warm, because it’s damn cold again.

Tomorrow will be a little colder than today and then Wednesday we’re supposed to get another nor’easter with upwards of 5 inches of snow. Hate. Not sure if we’ll actually get that much – the amounts keep wavering – but the fact that we are getting another nasty storm this late in the season is annoying. This winter has felt like it’s lasted way longer than normal.

So… it’s March. I honestly felt as though I’ve blinked and missed February entirely.

Aside from my mid month spending update the only other thing I got were the olive pants from Uniqlo.

I did have a few things on my radar to get soon, but one of them I wanted sold out already and I’m kinda kicking myself for not getting it when I saw it.

Have you ever had an item for a while or found something you liked so much and wanted but then it got away from you and you still think about it years later?

The item I wanted was a basic cardigan, very similar to the dark beige one I already have, but it was shorter in length and had a different knit style to it. I wanted it because it reminded me of a beige cardigan my roommate had in college. We borrowed each others’ clothes and I always grabbed her cardigan. Hers had some flowers stitched on it, but they were very simple and gave the cardigan a certain easy feel to it that made it go with everything, despite having flowers on it. The stitching of the flowers looked hand done and very understated with slightly muted colors that went well with the general color of the cardigan. I loved it and when she moved away she took it and I’ve never seen anything like it. The cardigan I saw on Yesstyle was very similarly knit to my roommate’s old one, but it didn’t have the flowers. That’s ok though. I was dead set on getting it, but the seller sold out of them and now my chance to get something that was very similar to that coveted cardigan is gone. It’s been nearly 20 years since I wore my roommate’s cardigan and I still think about it. A simple beige cardigan can go with so many things and is such a perfect layering piece. I’m not sure I’ll ever find an effortlessly styled item like that again.

In work news I was frantically busy today getting things I needed from my team today before they all leave for a conference. I’ll be the only one in the office and I’m not even entirely trained yet! Aside from that I was drowning in bad resumes to go over. Why the hell would anyone put Stay At Home Mom in their resume under experience to explain a gap in work history? I mean, technically that could go in the cover letter or better yet don’t even write anything at all about it, but if asked in an interview then bring it up. It’s truly amazing how few people know how to write good resumes – let alone even a decent cover letter.

1 thought on “What February”

  1. I could write an entire blog about bizarre and/or inappropriate resumes. Depending on my mood, sometimes I get a good chuckle from reading objectives like “Seeking to better the human condition”; other days that type of thing can send me over a cliff. I occasionally read Ask a Manager and have been tempted to comment a few times when people write in about resumes and cover letters, but don’t want to risk that any interviewees might see themselves in a funny anecdote.

    I hope you don’t get any follow up calls from moms and dads who want feedback on why their (adult) kid didn’t get hired, because that’s a thing now too. I’ve only had one parental follow up personally, but I’ve actually had TWO siblings call me to ask for feedback. That I did not see coming.


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