Winter is still hating on us

Friday’s forecast: Lots of rain with some spitting chances of snow for maybe an hour, but the temps were supposed to go back and up and everything stay just rain with howling wind gusts up to 40-60 mph.

did not expect thiswhat the shit

What the shit just happened?

We ended up with almost 4 inches of snow inside of 3 hours. The wind lasted a lot longer than anticipated. This all happened Friday and there are still people in my neighborhood – Sunday evening – with no power. As I’m writing this I can hear a generator at a neighbor’s house. It’s been running on and off for the past 48 hours.

As I drove home Friday, which was quite the ordeal in itself, I ended up coming in the back way to my neighborhood and saw a huge green-blue flash of light about 7 houses down from mine. A power line went down and a flock of birds went shooting across the street. This neighborhood was built in the 1950s so all power lines are above ground. I was expecting to come home to no power, but surprisingly ours stayed on. We are on a different grid and have been very fortunate our power has stayed on the whole time. I tried writing this post Friday evening, but constant brown-outs shut down my computer, so I decided not to bother. As we ate dinner, the dining room light flickered above us several times and we hoped it would last. We’ve been lucky so far.

The entire weekend starting Friday afternoon has been nothing but the grumbling sounds of power lines going down around us (really freaky and terrifying) and fire trucks and police scrambling to get to downed lines.

It took me an hour and 10 minutes to drive home Friday afternoon. The roads were awful, traffic was insane and my usual route was detoured due to downed power lines everywhere. My commute is normally 15-20 minutes.


Also, I wore this and a rain jacket on Friday. A rain jacket. I was freezing when we went out for our business lunch. It started snowing around 11 am and we left at noon. By the time we got back around 1:30 the roads were a mess. People started bailing out at work around 2 pm.

Saturday morning I spent with my parents and then crashed all afternoon. I’m not sure if I’m fighting something or if my body just decided to shut down, but I really needed the rest.

This entire week is supposed to be cold. I still can’t get over how weird this winter has been.


2 thoughts on “Winter is still hating on us”

  1. Those outdoor photos fill me with dread. This time of year, it’s just a guessing game for meteorologists. They’re never accurate in March.


    1. We’re supposed to get another storm like it – but with more snow – Wednesday! I’ve already told work I’m staying home and even informed my client our usual Wednesday call is cancelled.

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