Dramatic wardrobe pouting


Today’s outfit (the last photo) was me having a wardrobe temper tantrum. Despite the outfits I wore earlier in the week, I woke up this morning and thought: UGH, I have nothing to wear. OMG, my wardrobe sucks.

We all know it’s not true and I was just having a mental melt down because this week has been an extension of last week’s shit storm at work. So what do I do? I put on pants that I don’t like anymore and feel awful in and a top that looks very blah with it and call it a day and be Miss Melodramatic about it in my head.

At first, I was going to wear the olive pants again, but got super paranoid that people would think: omg, she’s wearing those AGAIN. Reality: no one gives a fuck, let alone notices or cares enough to say anything. It’s kinda amazing how mental states really alter how we see ourselves based on what kind of stress we’ve been going through. I’ve not been sleeping well and work stuff is getting more crazy because we are headed into Busy Season and my boss, who I’ve been relying on a lot lately, is going to be gone for half of it at conferences. And his back up person I would go to for help is also going to be gone. Cue Jen’s mental breakdown.

My boss informed me we are all having a lunch meeting tomorrow, aka Keep Jen Sane While Everyone Else Schmoozes at Conferences For the Next Month Luncheon. I am even self-medicating right now with a cocktail of vodka, limoncello, orange seltzer and simple syrup as I write this because tomorrow is the last day these mofos are available to me.

So yeah, work has been cray cray lately and I just realized it’s Thursday and I’ve not posted this week. Those earlier outfits I wore before today? They all feel like they were three months ago. That’s how much work has been affecting me. Each day feels like a small eternity of stress to deal with.

I gave HR the new job description for the admin role to hire someone and take half this shit off my hands! Yesterday, after the usual client call my boss and I discussed my ongoing role and I realized I need someone to take the admin stuff ASAP. I’m starting to feel like I’m half-assign some of the client work that I need to be more focused on. I get so crazy doing stuff for the client (just one right now, there will be many more) and then realize: oh yeah, I still have to do these simple admin things too…. Right now, I’m basically doing 3 jobs: admin, marketing, customer service.

Sorry to make this post Jen Ranting About Work Again.

So, to make up for it, here are posts that have caught my attention lately:

Why a shopping ban is not the solution by Temporary House Wifey – I 100% agree. I’m the same way in that I’ll never be that minimalist with my wardrobe. I am very much both a binge shopper and eater!

What’s in my bag by Invincible Summer blog – I love seeing these posts but never do one myself. I feel my bag is boring, but that’s probably me being Miss Paranoid about people judging what’s in my bag versus reality, aka no one is as mean as I think.

How I pick my 401k funds in just 15 minutes by The Luxe Strategist – immensely helpful because I’m about to start up  my first 401k. I am SO FUCKING LATE TO THE GAME.


6 thoughts on “Dramatic wardrobe pouting”

  1. 401K 😳 So much adulting. And I feel ya on the “I have no clothes to wear” feeling. I am constantly battling that when I start perusing my favorite sites. I have enough. I just need to work them into outfits that feel “new”. Hehehe mind tricks!


    1. That is true. I finally ironed some clothes this weekend and my options suddenly grew.
      I feel very behind when it comes to 401Ks. I’ve had a Roth IRA for a while now, but not had a 401 before. Ideally, I’d like to contribute to both, but will have to figure out expenses first.


  2. I really love those Rachel Comey jeans. Did you mention once that you are not particularly tall? You definitely look tall wearing the RC jeans. It makes me want to try them on, but with my hourglass shape I’m 99% sure they wouldn’t work for me. I wouldn’t mind looking taller though.

    I hope you can catch up on quality sleep this weekend. Everything feels better after a good sleep.


  3. I really like the stripe top with the beige sweater! I think the last one looks really nice too, but I get the inner nay-saying monologue — been there. Hope that you get someone hired soon!


    1. It’s funny how that inner negative voice gets to us at times.
      Friday the floodgates opened with resumes, so hopefully there are few good ones in there.


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