Mini summer


Today was 76F outside.

During lunch, people pulled the picnic table out on the front lawn into the sun and away from the shade of the building. On my drive home, several people were out running. In the neighborhood, lots of people were walking their dogs.

It honestly felt like a summer day. It was not only warm, but humid as well.

At first, I was going to wear my  beige cardigan with this outfit, but I’m really glad I went with the open button down instead. I feel like it made this outfit much nicer looking. I figured I needed something to make a plain cotton tank top look a little more business-ish.

Today was supposed to be a workout day for both Z and I. I got home from work a little late and he left work early so we got home at the same time and just looked at each other then looked outside. I told him we should be sitting out there with drinks. Screw exercise for the day! We need to be at a bar with good food and a patio STAT. So we drove to a nearby town with lots of good restaurants we knew had outside seating. Unfortunately, the one we wanted to try was already packed so we ended up inside, but the waiter opened a huge window next to our table. We had a nice breeze on us the whole time. We were hoping to maybe walk to an ice cream place afterwards, but the rain started.

Z went to go get the car and I sat on the front porch of the restaurant with other people sitting outside under the porch roof*. As I sat there a guy sitting at a table near me asked how long I’d been wearing my boot. His wife had worn one as well. I get this all the time now – so many people know someone or have actually been in a boot themselves. This boot has turned into a huge conversational piece for me in general. So many people who probably never would’ve said a word have come up and openly started talking to me. It made me think of how aloof so many people seem, but if you give them any tiny thing at all to relate to they end up opening up their personal story books.

Even our waiter this evening had torn his Achilles, but not gotten it taken care of and he showed me the huge lump on his ankle. It made me cringe a little and reinforced my resolve to properly take care of my own situation. For the past week I’ve been internally whining about how I’m so done with wearing the boot. I told myself 4 months, but meh it’s been three so maybe I can start tapering off? I’ve even been doing the pinch test at night to see if it hurts anywhere. But after seeing the waiter’s lump and remembering mine (which was really small compared to his) I am now resigned to do a full 4 months before tapering.

*The restaurant was inside an old house with a covered front porch.

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