Brain melt


It’s a little scary how warm it was today. I had a sweater, but hardly needed it.

Yesterday was a crap shoot for productivity. I sent out Very Important Emails to a client for information we needed ASAP and got it – after work hours (of course). Today was more of me frantically trying to get information and things done, but everyone else not doing anything because they were too distracted by the giant bright orb in the sky. We’ve not seen it in a while. I had a few meetings this afternoon, which left me dizzy with information and no way of dealing with any of it because – oh look – it’s already 5:30 and what happened to today (as I finally hit “send” on my report)? I have a sinking feeling it’ll be like this all week.

Part of me wonders if I’m taking it all too seriously or if I’m hitting the Corporate Wall where Things Take Time for the simple reason others don’t take their jobs as seriously, thereby slowing down the process. I don’t want to be complacent about it because that’s not helping me nor the company.

Is anyone else on the east coast kinda freaked out by the weather this winter? We’ve had a ton of rain, which should have all been snow. On top of that, we’ve had crazy warm days peppered in to a weirdly cold and dry winter season in general.  During any week we’d have freezing temps and then a chance of snow, but the temperature would shoot up to 60 and we’d get rain for two days, which would’ve equated to 4 feet of snow otherwise, and then we get freezing weather again a day later. It was 70 today and going to be warmer tomorrow – in February. What?

My skin is itchy now no matter what due to this winter being so dry. I keep looking at sweaters, but my skin crawls at the thought of having to wear them. I think I’m ready for linen season.



3 thoughts on “Brain melt”

  1. I need to send you a jar of my coconut sugar scrub. Use in shower and you’ll be moisturized and smelling amazing. 🙂 I’ll be making a batch soon. I’ll reserve you one!

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  2. Yeah agree. The effect of climate change is becoming scarily more obvious each year. The temperature jumps by 35 degrees day by day. I was caught with too many layers the other day and couldn’t believe people were wearing shorts and t shirts in February.

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  3. We’ve had similar extremities of temperature in the Midwest. I can usually count on living with daytime highs in the 30s from Christmas through February. It was in the 60s this weekend and I enjoyed a couple of outdoor runs – that’s the third time it’s happened in 2018. Today started with freezing rain (I’m “iced in” probably until Thursday) and dipped down to the teens overnight. I follow national weather for work and it seems like every region is experiencing some type of weather anomaly this winter.

    Strangely there has been almost no snow. It’s come down as flurries maybe 2-3 times and never enough volume to use the snowblower. It’ll be a one-time only reprieve for that equipment, I hope.

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