Not enough time


Wednesday was full of anxiety and stress. At 9 am in the morning I realized I was overwhelmed at work and felt as though I was drowning under the weight of what I had to do. Then something interesting happened.

A guy walked in while I was on the phone. He leaned up on the counter and when I got to him he asked for me. I affirmed I was the person he was looking for and he handed me a white paper bag. At first, I thought it was someone’s lunch being delivered, but then  wait… why would he ask for me? And why is the bag so small? I looked at him confused and he said, “scary, huh?” and walked out of the building.


I opened the bag and inside was one cupcake.

My husband had used Uber Eats to ask a nearby bakery to deliver me a cupcake for Valentine’s. The hilarity of the whole situation hit me and I burst out laughing and ate the cupcake and realized I could get through the day.

A project I was supposed to be working on and had zero to show for it because I was having trouble getting help was due to a client for general information later in the day. Luckily, we exhausted the client trying to set up new delivery dates that he didn’t even want to talk about the project, but I gave him an update of “we’re still working on it”, which is true! I also finished another large project for another director and felt a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders.

Today I got a lot done and made much more headway on several projects I needed to update. I came home and had a drink because my boss and I affirmed what’s to happen in the next couple months with my position and transitioning to the new role, which meant getting someone to take on the admin responsibilities I have yesterday ASAP. This makes me very happy to finally be moving out of that realm and into something much more substantial.

I started dinner after I made my drink and totally forgot to take my photo until my husband got home so Z took it for me. He said I had to hold my drink. He tried to get Yuki in the photo but she jumped down just as he snapped it. Typical cats for you.

Tonight, we are going to see Black Panther with several friends and I will be exhausted, but happy tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Not enough time”

  1. I hope you like Black Panther! I’m supposed to see The Shape of Water this weekend; not especially looking forward to the movie (not dreading it, either – just not as big a Guillermo del Toro fan as some of my friends), but we’re going to the restaurant/theater with good food and drinks, so I’ll be happy nonetheless.


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