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Lazy, most of the time


This past Wednesday’s outfit was a repeat of last Wednesday’s outfit and I think in general it’s my favorite.

Hardly anyone was in the office Thursday due to the parade and Friday I just DGAF. I did get a compliment from a coworker on my top though, which surprised me.

This whole week has been full of people saying things that make me want to slap them. Or better yet, record them, then play the conversation back to them and let them listen to how biased/racist/ignorant/selfish/entitled they sound. I was going to title this post Why Do People Say Things, and give five different examples I’d heard throughout the week, but it’s late on Sunday and I’m feeling lazy. I also have jury duty tomorrow so I’m grumpy.

Btw, thanks for the kind words about the mugging. It was 3 years ago and I’m over it, but I’m still very cautious about certain things.

As I was folding laundry just now I thought about the most worn items of clothing in my wardrobe. Most of them are lounge or workout clothes. I thought of how odd it is that I want new tops and pants and shoes for wearing out, but when it comes to the clothes I wear the most and never bother with replacing until they fall apart are the ones that really are “workhorse” items. I don’t care about the pit stains, or any stains on them for that matter, or maybe a little hole here or there. As long as they are still functional I will keep wearing the tattered shirts to run in and the threadbare sweatpants and the shoes that have lost all cushioning capabilities 100 miles ago. Is it because of vanity and the idea of being seen in nice clothes makes me want to make sure I buy enough variety for wearing to work or when I’m going out? Or is it I don’t like spending more money than necessary on workout clothes because I know I’ll run them into the ground anyway and I’d rather wait until that happens before bothering to buy more that will have the same fate?

I think it’s the latter now I’ve written that out. Again, I can be very lazy about some things and do I find workout clothing atrociously expensive. I know athleisure-wear is a thing and many wardrobes are based on it, but to me – workout clothes are just for working out. Well, with the exception of the leggings I use as warmth layer in winter.

4 thoughts on “Lazy, most of the time”

  1. I feel the exact same way about lounging and workout clothing. I have come to think it’s due to what you wrote; the clothes I wear to workout are only and always utilitarian. I will wear them until they’re showing bits that are best left covered. I’m *trying* to add a few pieces that replace my lounging clothes and make it something I wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen in. Thanks for the post and, like the others, I’m so sorry you were mugged!

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    1. Utilitarian is exactly the right word. I also think it’s because of that mindset I have about those clothes that I don’t feel too bad wearing them in public – even though I know I can do better.


  2. I like the keyhole neckline!

    I’m picky about running tights and sports bras; I like good compression in both, and I want a fairly high rise for the legging. I have found that price point is rarely an indicator of quality. All of my exercise tops, though, are old tee shirts or sweatshirts that are no longer in good enough condition to wear as street clothes. When they are too badly worn for the purpose of exercising (and that’s a pretty low bar), I cut them up to use as rags.


    1. I like the keyhole too.
      I really need to be better about using old clothes as rags. Most of mine just end up being thrown out or donated, which I know will also be thrown out.


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