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Everlane tee, Limi Feu sweater, Grana jeans.
Uniqlo flannel, Land’s End cardigan, Grana jeans.

This has been a week.

Wednesday was my 3 month review with my boss and we officially discussed my changing roles. Basically, his department is severely understaffed and he’s been nudging me (ok, more like throwing me in the deep end of a pool, which he finally admit to) to move into it as customer service support. To his credit, he asked me what I was interested in doing and was willing to listen to me. If I didn’t want it, he wouldn’t push any more and go hire someone. He’s totally fine with my staying in the admin role and only helping him out with one client. However, I do have a long history of customer service in my resume and know what he’s setting me up for. The only major hurdle for me is understanding the software program so I can get the answers I need in a more timely manner. I also knew going into this new role would mean a rather large pay raise. I admit I was much more interested in a different area of the company, however, I also recognize how much the company needed a customer service role right now and although it’s not my favorite area, I can do it.

We discussed my transition period and my receiving dedicated training and take on more clients – until we find my replacement for the admin role. After that I will go full time (I think the title would be Customer Liaison, but I’m not sure) into my new role and handle more accounts.

After that meeting I had some time to do work and we had another meeting with the client I’ve been working with over the past month.

Thursday I had a meeting with our marketing company. The woman I took over for in the admin role is on maternity leave, but her coming back now is a 50/50 coin toss as far as I’m concerned so I’m preparing myself for having to take over marketing as well for the time being. I spent the rest of the day Thursday looking through the software program and asking everyone in engineering about operations.

Today I was a little busy this morning but by noon I didn’t have much to do and the general stress of the week finally let go and suddenly was so drowsy I couldn’t stop yawning and had a terrible time staying awake.

I’ve been full on exhausted all week. I don’t sleep well during the work week because I have sleep anxiety. I must be in bed by a certain time because my mind then does a count down of how much time I have left before the alarm goes off and it sets a mini panic mode in me. So sleep during the week is generally bad and then I crash on Friday and Saturday nights. The added stress of having my review and knowing I’m transitioning into a role with many more responsibilities over the next couple months has wreaked havoc on me mentally. It’s not a bad thing, but more like stressful excitability.

I’m one of those people who always look for the end game and I’ve already been looking at the logistics of what the major problems areas are in the company that pertain to my role and how I can overcome them. To a degree, this may mean trying to work around/over someone who has been in the company for a very long time because to be frank about it: he’s fucking shit at his job and his duties are crucial to many areas of the company as a whole. Everyone complains about this guy and he’s been moved from one role to another just to get him out of the way and put him in an area where he’s the least destructive. Why not fire him? Well…. that’s a whole can of worms I can’t get into but let’s just say certain people are bound by familial connections and those connections demand this asshole be take care of.

Aside from this annoyingly huge obstacle, most everyone else I’ve worked with and will be working more closely with in the company has been beyond amazing. This is the most corporate company I’ve ever worked for and I wasn’t expecting much, but I’ve been bowled over by the amount of help and support I’ve received. It’s truly awe-inspiring that so many people will stop to answer my questions and never complain nor chide me or tell me to go get the answer elsewhere. I’ve never been in a work environment where everyone truly supports each other so much. I hate to use the term family because I’ve always found that to be cliche and ridiculous since not many people really talk to each other outside of work, but while in the office, there is a close-knit togetherness that is truly endearing.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but I work for a medical component manufacturing company. The components we make are used in surgery for spine and joint support/correction. I mostly work in the office, but there is a factory connected to the business office and every employee is required to wear PPE (personal protective equipment): safety glasses and non-slip shoes. I have a pair of non-slip clogs I put on occasionally when I need to hand out paperwork to the people on the shop floor or find out a status of part production. I do take off my boot for the times I go out on the floor, but in general I hand off stuff to other people I know will go out there. Many of them don’t mind at all and know I’m trying to stay off my leg while I’m wearing the boot.

As my new role progresses, I might end up sharing office space with people on the shop floor since that’s where I need to find out the most information for the clients.

5 thoughts on “Stress”

  1. Sleep anxiety is the worst. I’ve always had issues turning off my mind at night and found that using soft sleep headphones and listening to audiobooks with a sleep timer really helped. 5mg of melatonin also helps.


    1. I have sleep requirements as well. I must have white noise, so we bought an expensive white noise machine that makes 10 different sounds, but I usually use the basic white noise setting. It also has to be super dark and I can’t look at the time at all through the night. My alarm clock is battery operated and there is not light for the time unless you touch a button on it.
      I tried melatonin, but I was one of the unfortunates who has an adverse reaction to it. It raised my heart rate and kept me up all night!


  2. I say take the promotion! Since you have the experience and have demonstrated a good work ethic, your boss is going to lean on you for those interactions regardless. You might as well be getting paid more for it.

    My peer group at work is not especially supportive. I have a few “work friends” who I can count on if I need assistance, or a second opinion, or whatever. I’m not sure if it’s because we all work virtually so we really have to go out of our way to develop relationships, or if it’s because we’re all headstrong people essentially competing with each other for the best projects (translation: best bonus opportunities). Sometimes I wish that I had stronger, better relationships with my peers. But, my director is very supportive and I genuinely like all of my direct reports. I guess you can’t have it all. Especially at work.

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    1. I’m definitely taking it. I’ll be paid more for a transition period (half admin/half customer service while training) and then getting another raise when I’m in the position full time. 🙂
      It can be frustrating not getting the support you need due to a competitive environment. The last place I worked at, while it was super crazy relaxed, everyone had a sort of “leave me alone to work” kind of attitude – unless of course they needed something and then it was a different story. They weren’t bad or mean at all, but very cliquish and stand-off-ish, which I found annoying after a while. I was the only one not doing the same work they were (it was admin stuff) and I was sort of the dumping ground for all their problems, which is what my job was meant to be, but I felt very taken advantage of there. In the end, my job equated to a glorified maid. Going from that to a super supportive environment is incredibly shocking to me.

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