Sweater secret

Limi frontLimi

This is my Limi Feu sweater and it has a secret. When I got it, there was a hole in it.

Limi back

Can you see the hole? Or rather, can you tell where it’s been patched?

The hole is on the back of the sweater and it was small. It wasn’t in the listing when the seller posted it (it’s from a discounter site in Japan), but when I got it (gifted to me by Z for Christmas) it had a very heavy moth ball scent to it. It had clearly been sitting for a while and I’m guessing the hole was in fact from a moth and I doubt the seller even knew about it. My husband had no idea and when I told him about it today he was shocked. I noticed the hole when I opened the package on Christmas day, but didn’t say anything. I just thought, “I’ll have to patch that up.” Never did I think of returning it because I wanted to keep it and I love this sweater. Today, of course, Z got a little upset and kept saying sorry about the hole, but I assured him that no matter what I would’ve bought it even if he hadn’t. I didn’t want him to feel bad about it and it’s his upset reaction that made me wait even until now to say anything. If I’m not upset, then there’s no reason he should be. It’s not a big deal to me at all. I then explained to him how I fixed it. I even lay the sweater out flat and asked him if he could tell where it was. He said no, he didn’t see anything.


To patch the hole I took some dark thread and super carefully sewed up ends of the hole together as best I could without severely pinching the fabric. The fabric is a wool and linen blend and it’s not a traditional knit, therefore trying to fix it like one would a knitted sweater is not an option. After carefully sewing a few parts of the hole to close shut, I took a piece of iron-on bonding tape and put that on the sweater and then a small piece of super thin lining fabric for bonding to the sweater. The result worked ten times better than expected. I did all of this before I ever washed the moth ball scent out of the sweater. I put the sweater in a laundry bag, put on delicate (cold water) cycle and used Woolite Dark. The smell came out and the patch job worked perfectly. I lay it out to dry and then used an iron on it to smooth it out.


Interestingly enough, the tag on the inside of the sweater in the above photo says: “Friction and repeated use may cause yarn breakage and surface damage. It is not repairable once it’s damaged. The fabric may pile up lint and fuzz on the surface. Please handle with care.” Translated: If you get a hole in this, you’re fucked!

Oh yeah? Well I don’t think so. I’ve worn the sweater a half dozen times already and my patch job is still working just fine.

This sweater is a used item and it’s a very delicate one. But, it’s not the of the world for these sorts of items if something happens to them. If there was a nasty stain on it, that would be a different story, but a tiny hole is easy to fix up for most fabrics, especially natural fiber ones.


Warning: second half of this post has an extreme amount of profanity. Seriously, if you get easily offended by any and ALL profanity, stop reading now.

Uniqlo flannel shirt, 45 rpm jacket, Uniqlo pants – in the car dealership bathroom

In other news, I spent 5 hours in a car dealership today, holding my tongue and mentally wanting to punch the shit out of the super annoying sales person who made awful jokes and clearly just thought that if she could get Z and I to laugh at her, she’d get the money out of us she wanted. Don’t think so BI-ATCH!

If there’s one thing Z knows – it’s cars. He’s a total car fan and knows how the pricing structure works for them and what’s part of a true cost for the car and what’s just a dealership bullshit cost. By the end of the day the sales rep did fuck us over – a teensy bit, but not nearly as much as she probably would’ve liked. We agreed on a price for the car, then the fucking cunt worked backwards to make the price we agreed upon, the end sales price after rebates, which then bumped up the true sales price of the car, which was NOT the agreed upon price. Z immediately caught it and said no, the price is AFTER rebates and she flat out said, “Then you’d be home by now” – meaning there would not have been a sale and she said there was no possible way to go lower because that’s the invoice price (which is a LIE – when they say you are already paying the “invoice price” that’s not entirely true – car companies give dealerships incentives so their invoice pricing is after the incentives and not the real invoice price of the car). I was ready to stand up and pummel the cunt right then and there for that. She then countered that he was already getting over $7k off the sticker price (irrelevant, you stupid bitch!), and he shook hands (also fucking irrelevant – a hand shake is a fucking posturing gesture and means nothing – the only thing that matters in the end is the signature on the line) on the price listed after the rebates because there was no talk of rebates before. She left us to talk and Z did say he should’ve thought of that, but that still doesn’t discount the fact that she flat out changed the price of the car that was agreed upon. Our paying the post rebates price still means we are paying for taxes and loan pricing for the cost before rebates. I was ready to walk out and I wanted to just to see the bitch’s angry face fall out of shock because she was already losing her composure by the second, but Z’s got a much softer temperament than I do. I’m more angry about it than him. It only upped the monthly cost by just over $10 and while he was thoroughly pissed that she finagled around him like that, he decided he wasn’t going to let it ruin the car for him. He gave her a dirty look and then said he’d agree to that cost and then turned away from her. She then barely managed to put up her chipper attitude again and said, “Normally I’d say let’s take photos…. but you don’t seem to want to…” Z and I just glared at her and I shook my head and rolled my eyes at her. He deadpan-face asked for the spare key she hadn’t given him yet.

In the end, he got the exact car he wanted with all the options he wanted for the price (range) he wanted, so he’s a happy camper. I’m still pissed a bit that she swindled us in the way she did, but if he’s happy then I need to get over it.

I don’t have photos of the car because it was nearly dark by the time we got home, but we are going for a ride tomorrow and I’ll take photos then of his new 2018 Ford Mustang GT.

As a general FYI about me: I FUCKING HATE SALES PEOPLE. 99% of them are annoying shit-cocks. Car sales people and realtors are THE WORST. I’m not like most gullible shoppers who go around browsing at things and then with just a smile and a few trendy key words will jump to buy whatever item a sales person has in front of me. I have a feeling most blogs I follow are the same way as me. We know the bullshit and can smell it from miles away. I hate going to malls and having 5 sales associates inside of two minutes ask me if they can help me at all. NO, LEAVE ME ALONE TO LOOK! I usually leave my sunglasses on in stores just for this reason. I know there is the rare gem of a SA, who understands this and I appreciate those people. Most of them are the ones who knowing look me directly in the eye and smile – maybe even give a nod – and then leave me be. But those SAs are very rare and nonexistent at car dealerships. Just sitting there today for so long listening to the other sales people schmoozing on the phone and in person with people made me want to throw up. I online shop as much as possible to bypass all the shit.

Ironically, my boss is the main sales associate and VP for our company. Sometimes on client calls I’ll cringe and want to shout at him: Shut up with the stupid flower shit-talk! No one cares! Get to the fucking point! The client he’s had me working with even called him out on it and said, “getting back to the point…”, which made me laugh. It’s always so cringey-bad when clients call sales rep out on the crap that doesn’t matter. Most of the time the flower-shit-speak doesn’t even make sense. It’s a bunch of trendy catch-all words meant to make the client feel like they are getting something good. If you actually listen to the words, you’ll know they mean nothing. It’s pure shit coming right out of the mouth instead of the ass.

Anyhow, we came home, had some scotch and dinner and now we are going to play Zelda. I told Z he owes me several hours of game play tonight for my behaving so well at the dealership. (the bitch seriously has no idea how lucky she is I kept my mouth shut…)



7 thoughts on “Sweater secret”

  1. Ha! This is why I can’t walk into Sephora—being accosted by six sales associates drives me mad. I don’t think people know how to read non verbal body cues (or they don’t care). I’m always hoping my resting bitch face let’s people know I can see through the bs and cant be talked into anything!
    Great job on the sweater repair!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great job patching the hole! I usually sew up holes in my clothes in an extremely clumsy way, though it’s worked out okay because most of the holes are in inconspicuous places (a lot of Loft and Ann Taylor sweaters develop their first holes right where the rest of the sweater attaches to the collar, usually in the back).

    Car dealerships always sound so difficult to deal with and sketchy! I haven’t had to deal with it yet myself, but the things I read about… All kinds of tricks.


    1. Whenever you have to buy a car, brace yourself for the worst no matter how much they smile and try to joke around and try to “relate” to you. It’s best to go in with the exact car you want with the options you want and the price range you want ahead of time. It’s easy to look up all those options and pricing online so you can walk in and list everything to the T. Then give your price and be prepared to walk out if they balk at you (and they will -then they’ll argue and try to make you feel like you’re a cheapskate, but STAND YOUR GROUND). You might have to go to a few different dealerships to get what you want, so it is a time investment, but getting what you want within YOUR budget will be worth it.


  3. I’m going to bookmark your post because you have done a MUCH better job patching that sweater than I have in the past! (And no matter how hard I try to store sweaters properly, I always find a few moth holes when I inspect them at the start of sweater season).

    My stomach is in knots reading your car buying story. I recently bought a new car; I had avoided it for about a year because I hate the back and forth sales experience. So I wasted an entire day at the dealership, feigning interest in a number of cars when I had a specific vehicle and final sales price in mind from the beginning. I had to imply I was interested in financing through the dealership to see how much leeway they actually had with the car… I hate the dance of it, everyone pretending to know more or less than they actually do, the facade of “going back to talk to the manager…” it’s just gross. I would have lost it over the rebate trick. That makes such an impact on your sales tax burden! I would also be super petty and angry knowing that woman will earn a commission off the sale. (I can’t imagine what it would be like to make a living as a salesperson. Day in and day out, having the same argument with people and having to come up with new, innovative ways to bend the truth. I guess I should just be glad I don’t have to do it.)


    1. I read a lot of stuff online first and watched some tutorials before doing it myself. Internet research FTW!
      Ugh, yeah we are glad it’s over with. Z and I always go in knowing exactly what we want as far as car (mostly what options we want) and a price range that we refuse to budge from. Financing through a dealership does make the process go faster, but if you can get a much better interest rate through your bank then take the time to get that set up. If the dealership can match that rate – even better. Most of them try to do so.
      What really irks me about the process is how the sales reps are all super hyper bubbly with you until you tell them “no” on something and then they get nasty. Z told me most people know about invoice pricing these days so reps get really nasty the closer you get to invoice pricing, but the more you stand your ground the better. Don’t feel bad for them, they make a shit ton of money off everyone else who walks in the door not knowing half of what they want. A lot of people get roped into unnecessary warranties at the very end as well, which is another method of them raising the final pricing on you. The end of the transaction might be tense and stressful and the rep barely holding their shit together to be nice to you, but in the end YOU get the deal YOU want. And if not, even at the last minute – even after you’ve signed off on 99% of the paperwork, if something doesn’t look right with what you negotiated you have EVERY RIGHT to simply get up and walk out. My father is the King of Car Walk-outs. It does take more time to get exactly what you want in the end, but for the price you want to fit your budget needs – it’s worth it.

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  4. I have started to enjoy fixing up holes in my wool fabrics, although it makes me sad when they all get so holey year after year. Will these clothes one day be more fixed patches than original knit? Sometimes I think I should only buy wool with some an synthetic fiber mixed in, like nylon (if possible less than 5 percent, otherwise it would annoy me). I hadn’t realized that moths eat linen, but apparently all natural fibers are fair play 😣


    1. I’ve never had a hole from a moth before, so this was new to me. The only holes I’ve had were through wear or something gone awry in the washing machine (like I forgot to use a laundry net on something delicate).
      The sweater is mostly wool with just a little linen, so I guess the moths weren’t too bothered. I’m really paranoid now though and feel like I should check my sweaters more often!


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