Everlane sweater, Rachel Comey Lure pant, gifted scarf (I think it’s from Gap).

The first half of the day I was cold and wore my enormous scarf around my neck. After lunch I finally took it off. I also have on a tee underneath the sweater for added warmth.


Here is the tee I was wearing along with my Girlfriend Collective workout leggings. The tee is from Grand Teton National Park. It’s of a hiking bear that’s waving.

Today was one of those “ugh, I have to work out” days, so I took the camera with me to take photos. Behind the basement door is the only full-length (sort of) mirror we have. I have it hung there so I can check my posture when doing weights.

weight room

This room is always a mess and we have weights thrown about everywhere. Z and I both are too lazy to put them away because we use this room every other day. There’s a treadmill on the left with a barbell (minus weights on it) on the floor in front of it. I think we have 3 barbells, but only use 2 of them. The one on the floor is shorter and we use it for deadlifts. The one on the weight bench is longer and little heavier. I also have a rowing machine in the other room.

Today was quite boring at work. It’s nice to have a relaxing day at the end of the week, but then it makes the day crawl by so painfully slow. I did a lot of screen shopping for shoes. I cannot wait to wear different shoes!!

Anyone have any fun plans this weekend? I think we are going to see Phantom Thread at some point and Z is going to change the oil in my car. So exciting….

3 thoughts on “Friyay”

  1. How do you like the GC leggings? I’m curious how well they hold up to regular machine washing. I will never have the patience to hand wash leggings (actually, not anything).

    And on a side not, I’m jealous of your carpeted basement. I have a similar set up in my basement, but it’s completely unfinished so – COLD!!! It comes in handy if I decide to use the treadmill on a rainy summer day, probably 10-15 degrees cooler than the main house, but I’m down there nearly every day in the winter months and the first several minutes are torture.


    1. I like them a lot. I’ve washed them tons of times already (lay flat to dry), and they still hold shape really well. They are extremely warm. I wear them often under trousers for a warmth layer. I wouldn’t recommend wearing them in the summer unless in air conditioning.


    2. Our basement is only half finished. The exercise room only has carpet, no duct work so it is freezing! Z works out in the mornings and turns on a small space heater when in that room. The other section of the basement is fully finished.


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