Failed test

Monday: Yohji shirt, company vest, Everlane pants.

I’m sure many can relate to this: A new idea comes to mind and there’s lots of excitement to make it happen, but when the reality of it comes to fruition the results being a disappointment feel like an understatement.

First of all, I’m not sure what to make of my basement set up right now for photos. I’m using the photo light I bought again and while it’s definitely bright enough, I still feel the photos are lacking severely.

Secondly, the above outfit didn’t look half as good as it did in my head. I wanted to try out a mini project this week where I wear a variety of tops with the Everlane E2 Pant. After browsing Kick Pleat and ogling all the pretty photos on Death by Elocution I thought my problem was not mixing around my clothes enough and I wanted to experiment more with different silhouettes. Well, what will I know works with those pants if I don’t take several photos of them with different tops? So the idea was to wear these pants all week long with different tops in an effort to figure out what really works. Monday’s photo doesn’t really seem to work at all – not even for a solid black outfit. I was so cold I ended up throwing on my company vest to keep me warm all day so I figured I’d take a photo with that too.


Today: Everlane mock neck shirt, Limi Feu sweater, Everlane pants.

I really don’t think the lighting is doing this outfit justice at all. I felt much more put together wearing this. Also, the half-tucking the sweater I felt helped the look. I was much warmer today like this. Note to self: work on posture in photos. I look hunched over but I’m really not. This photo really isn’t doing this outfit justice at all. Or maybe the outfit isn’t nearly as great as I feel in it.

I’ve been eyeing up a lot of stuff on COS lately, which seems to be another version of Everlane, but with better colors and more styles to choose from. I know they are owned by H&M, which then raises the question: how sustainable/ethical of a company are they? Is the quality really that much better since their price points almost match Everlane exactly? Or is it just about the same? I’ve read reports that there are sizing issues with their catalog in the same vein as Everlane. I was surprised to see that I’d be more of a size 6 with COS when I looked at their charts. I do like the look of the clothes better on COS, but I’m wondering if this is just settling for another version of Everlane that may be plagued with the exact same issues of weird sizing and quality that seems great, but ends up being a bigger disappointment down the line. Does anyone have any experience with them?

Also, who exactly is the person behind Death by Elocution? Is she a model? Is she a photographer? Is she a millionaire or a trust fund baby who can afford all those gorgeous clothes all the time? I love the feed, but it had me wondering just how the heck she obtains all those items. It’s also highly frustrating that she doesn’t list what the clothes are. I get that she doesn’t have to because it’s her blog to do with as she pleases, but sometimes I really want to know what a product is she’s wearing. Ok, like 90% of the time I want to know. I started looking at COS because I saw a sweater she posted from there and you could see the tag on it. But I can’t make out the tags in many other photos she posts.



6 thoughts on “Failed test”

  1. I’m another person who is really intrigued by the way the COS clothes look online, on the models, but am not in love with the clothes once I try them on in store. I’ve only tried things on one time, but I felt pretty meh about the quality for price (Michelle’s description of it being somewhere between H&M and Everlane is exactly right, I think) and really blah about how the clothes actually looked on me. In all fairness to COS, the designs I tried were pretty clearly not bust or curvier figure-friendly and not going to be flattering on me.


    1. Thanks for this. It’s good to get more opinions to help pull me away from the edge. 😉 When I find new-to-me places I can get a little (ok, a LOT) OCD about them, but I’m getting better now at stepping back and trying to look at the bigger picture of whether or not it’ll be worth it in the long run.


  2. Interesting info on COS…

    I love that Limi Feu sweater so much. It looks like one of those magical pieces you can use to punch up any outfit. I have a leather jacket that works like that, but obviously the sweater is so much more practical. I’m done with sweaters for this year, but will have to keep an eye out for her work next fall!

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    1. The sweater was found on Rakuten, which is a Japanese discounter site. It’s an enormous site with lots of sellers. The one I found was Playful, but there are a few others that sell her work as well. There’s also ebay for some older stuff, but she’s not as easy to find as her father, Yohji.


  3. She once posted a photo of herself and from what I could tell, she is generally not the person you see in the photos.. My best guess is that she photographs other people and they kind of all look like models so maybe she is a photographer in the fashion industry or maybe she just photographs her friends and may not know who the brands are. I get frustrated with not seeing the brands too but I wonder if it might be an anticonsumerist strategy.. like hey I want you to get inspiration but to not necessarily feel like you need to buy X. I’ve visited the COS store in NYC several times, and I’m always in love with the clothes visually, but then when I’ve tried them on the fit is kind of odd but I get that they kind of go for avant garde shapes so maybe that’s why. The quality is somewhere in between H&M and Everlane, so not great. None of the clothes feel high quality when you inspect them up close. So good designs but poor execution. The lead designer actually worked for Everlane for a while. Generally the clothes run large because Scandinavian people are taller on average.

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    1. Ah, well whoever she is, she takes some great photos.
      I got that avant-garde vibe from COS too based on the site. Thanks so much for your input on this! Once I realized who owned them and did a general look online I kinda figured quality would be middling at best, but was curious. So I guess it’s not too bad per se, but still buy at your own risk.


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