Ice and relativity


Monday: Limi Feu sweater, Under Armour long sleeve, Rachel Comey pants. I drove home early from work because a nasty ice storm hit that late afternoon/evening. Look at the nice natural lighting in this photo! I also moved where I was so I wasn’t against the dark curtains. I do have on my workout leggings underneath the RC pants. It was one of those days where wearing my workout clothes under my regular clothes helps me get down to the cold basement to work out. Wednesday

Wednesday: Banana Republic sweater, Everlane pants. I skipped Tuesday’s photo because I was in a very bad state. My boss gave me a project to work on… that’s actually more like a department position transitional move… It depends on how well this goes plus several other factors in play. I think he’s pushing me to join the Business Development team, but I’m not sure yet. Either way, this new project has me working with clients more and I honestly feel like I’m being thrown in the deep end of the pool and told to swim. He’s also not that great at give direct orders, which is what I need. He’s more of a casual conversationalist and then assumes you’ll know what to do. Nope. Not me. Not at all. So I didn’t get the work done he told me to because 1 – I had no clue on how to do it and 2 – I wasn’t entirely clear on what his directive was for me. At the end of the day he and I sort of “argued” (more like confused banter about who said what and who assumed what) about it and I went home feeling like I’d failed at some BIG but I couldn’t tell what because I had no clue. Just before I left work several other coworkers and mangers assured me it wasn’t me. Not entirely anyway. Wednesday, we met up and I learned how to assert myself with him and stop him in his tracks when I needed a clearer explanation on things. I’m a very linear person when it comes to what I need to know and how I need to know it. He’s the exact opposite, but because he’s the one showing me this new stuff I had to put my foot down and stop him before he veered too far off track. I also scheduled lots of little tutorials throughout the day with people more knowledgable about the software I’d be using for this work. So Wednesday was super busy, but much better.


Thursday (today): Everlane sweater, Rachel Comey pants. Today felt downright warm compared to what it’s been over the past several weeks. That’s really sad considering it was only in the 40s. Tomorrow will be a heat wave in the 60s!

Since working on this new project at work I’ve had my head a-buzz with new things and felt confused, drained, and fuzzy all week. I’m glad for the opportunity, but I can tell it will definitely challenge me. I’ve only been there for just over 2 months and it feels as though I’ve been working there forever and am now learning something new. The work culture there is great. Even though it’s a much more corporate environment than what I’m used to, my coworkers are super helpful. It feels more communal and friendly than my last job, which was about as laid back as you could get.

There were many other things I wanted to write about in this post, but now they all feel like things that can go in their own – mostly because I need to develop my thoughts on them more. I don’t schedule out posts nor do I have drafts. I’m always just sorta winging it with this because I never wanted to be too serious with it.

So tonight will be spent watching new season anime I need to catch up on and maybe playing more Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Last night the hubs and I played the first major dungeon of the game, but it wasn’t too terribly hard. Considering the challenges in it though, I have a feeling this is just a teaser to many more that will be infinitely more difficult. Yikes.


4 thoughts on “Ice and relativity”

  1. Good for you! A few years ago at my business, we were all forced to take one of those hour-long “leadership/work style” assessment tests. Though obviously computer generated, my 20-pg assessment was largely accurate. The interesting thing, though, was you could also run two people through the program and it would produce a report that predicts how they will work together, strengths and weaknesses of that partnership, where to expect conflicts to arise, etc. Once again, it was surprisingly accurate when comparing me and my boss. Of course, at that point, we’d been working together for 2 or 3 years and had already figured it out… I remember thinking to myself, though, I wish I had known this when we first started working together. We’d never has any blowouts, just confusion and irritation like you described, but it all could have been avoided if we understood each other’s communication style. We get along really well now, but I remember back when she started her job, there were many times when I walked away from phone conversations or in-person meetings VERY agitated.


    1. That sounds like a fascinating assessment test! Hindsight is always where I see when I should’ve done something different. It’s so hard to know what I should immediately do up front when put in a new situation. I’m also really stubborn because I like to think I’m much more self-reliant than I really am at times and then go running for help after the fact.

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  2. I struggle with outfit posts too because its always so dark by the time I get back home. Blurry OOTD post is better than no OOTD post. I like that gray sweater.. looks good layered like that. The situation with your boss sounds frustrating but good for you for being assertive.. I read a book on assertiveness skills training called When I say No, I feel Guilty — its one of the best self help books I’ve read and helped me a lot, and I’ve used many of the techniques in the book to counsel people I work with. Lots of funny entertaining examples in it, but very dense at first, best experienced through audible I think.


    1. Thanks for telling me about the book. I may need to look into that. Even though I was eventually assertive, it was at the cost of me spending an entire night feeling awful for no reason. I need to be better about being more assertive before the confusion!


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