Getting ready

Tomorrow I start my new job. I’m already wishing I had more time unemployed.

I am happy to be doing something different and interested in what the work entails, but at the same time… it’s work. *sigh* Having bigger paychecks will be nice.

Speaking of… the husband just got a new job as well and his new salary is nearly double what he was making before. I’ve already been calling him Sugar Daddy.

I’m a little uncertain how dressy the new office is so I’m going to play it safe for now. Luckily, a lot of my nicer clothes are more autumn/winter heavy so that makes getting dressed fairly easy for me. The husband is a different story. He’s gained muscle weight and doesn’t fit a lot of his old dress clothes. I’d like to try and get him to wear better clothing, but I won’t push the issue too much. It’s him and his wardrobe and he can spend and do with it what he wants.

wool jacket

I forget when I wore this outfit, but it was some time last week. All blue. I also now live in this wool jacket from 45rpm I got on eBay. It’s perfect for this in-between weather where it’s cool in the mornings and comfortable to slightly warm during the day. I’ve got on my 45rpm long sleeve underneath, Grana jeans, Lems Nine2five shoes.

The usual outfit photos may start up again next week now that I’ll be working and force myself into a regular routine again.


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